PACIFIC RIM.  I Loved it.  The absolute pure homage to giant monster and giant robot movies was a joy to behold.  The Garish colors, military hardware, Idris “WE ARE CANCELLIN’ THE APOCALYPSE” Elba!, a nice upswing for summer movies.  After this, I believe Elba can headline a sci-fi action movie tentpole if given the right material.  Best of all, I saw it with my Family and we all loved it.  The point when I knew the movie was a winner was when my youngest boy states out loud…This story is taking too long!  Dude just wanted to see some Bot on Kaiju Action.  

Can’t Blame him and couldn’t resist doing a quick visual homage myself.

Only In Harlem

So My sons and I get super excited to go see PACIFIC RIM.  We get to MJ’s in Harlem, excited for the big showdown. Purchased tickets online, check.  Coupon for Popcorn, check.  Arrive with plenty of time…screening cancelled.  Turns out a church had leased the room for a sermon.  Only in Harlem.  But I did get free admittance to IMAX later tonight:-)

Hey there Boys and Girls.  Never had a blog really before.  Well, at least one that functioned worth a damn.  I figure I’d start doing it consistently with this Tumblr thing.  Wordpress…AIN’T…easy:-)  

This blog will feature my personal, professional, and artistic thoughts.  Don’t worry about it being too pretentious as I’m not even close to as expansive as I should be.  But it will at least showcase my process, and let you guys know what I do.  This first image is an about image I created for Matty’s Rocket  I wanted to do something that evokes the early to-mid 20th century retro future.  For you techhead artistic types is essentially a photobash, 3d, 2d job utilizing photoshop and 3dsmax.