Attention DieselFunkateers!  Please go VOTE  before midnight tonight   I’m about to head back to NYC in just a few hours for my 24hour StoryHack VT project. 

Major kudos to Nate Herzog and Kathy Resmer for letting me in the door.  Now although it was a sleep deprived lift to get everything done, it was an even more expansive experiment in working in multiple formats.  Epub, Youtube, and webcomics all on the same IP.  So there’s many areas that can be exploited.  Vermont TechJam and StoryHack VT were both a blast.  I’m looking forward to next year already.  That said, the year still isn’t over.  More wonderful things to come.

Greetings DieselFunkateers!  BlackJack Update.  Production continues.  To expedite production I may need a flatter.  Know anyone?

Ohoy DieselFunkateers!  Paris Cullins Rawks!  NYCC had me being a tablemate with the one Paris Cullins.  I was privileged to tone some of his gorgeous tone paper concept drawings for Alex Simmons’ Young BlackJack.  More to come!

Greetings DieselFunkateers!  NYCC Day 4.  It’s been a blast working the table, doing workshops, and showcasing my projects. The Poster was done for Alex Simmon’s BlackJack.   Great seeing Jamal Igle of Molly Danger fame, and connecting with old/new friends and finally meeting the great Michael Golden.  ZELDA!!  Upcoming Projects:  BlackJack:  Goliath Is Dead, continuation of Matty’s Rocket Chapter 1, news on a previously unannounced comic.  Vermont TechJam this week. Standby!!

Greetings DieselFunkateers.  Matty’s Rocket at The New York City Comicon 2013!   I’ve been at NYCC for the last few days at table C4.  My tables mates are the incomparable Alex Simmons, and always dynamic Paris Cullens.  It’s my pleasure and honor to be among such veterans of the comics game.  As you can see from the Thursday and Friday photos we had tons of crazy things going on.  Also, if you want to see me literally working on pages BlackJack: Goliath is Dead this is it.  

Additionally, I’ll be giving an animation seminar for Alex’s Kidscomicon at NYCC  

Be There!!