Greetings DieselFunkateers!  First up, THANKS EVERYONE for your overwhelming support and positive response to the announcement of Matty’s Rocket as a comic series for Rosarium Publishing.

I’m honored to be a part of the crew.  Scratch that; I’m humbled because you guys haven’t even begun to see the level of talent Brother Bill Campbell has put on display.  I feel like I’m a part of something BIG.

As a result, Daddio can’t just dial it in.  So I’m pulling every trick learned over the decades to keep the quality and quantity up.  Further, I’ll be in the coming days and weeks doing a periodic Google Glass work session (Hey, I got connections:-)  

Just for you, above is the first panel in book one.

Back to it!!

Greetings DieselFunkateers!   BIG NEWS Matty’s Rocket will be a Comicbook and Graphic Novel Series published by Rosarium  Publishing!  Series due to begin Fall 2014.  

I’m obviously very excited about Matty’s Rocket transitioning to a more immediate form.  I still love animation and will continue work on the animated variant as I can.  But this opportunity, offered to me by Rosarium Head Honcho Bill Campbell was too great to pass up.  


Greetings DieselFunkateers!  Hard at work in the studio crunching away.  I’m happy to report that I’m back on Matty as well as finishing up my other projects.  There’s really great news coming up on Matty that I’m not at liberty to say at present.  But trust me, its Cool:-)  As I work on these projects I try to really get deep with research for concept design.  Matty’s Rocket, like Blackjack, etc, is all about World Building.  The audience has to feel like the world they are in actually exists.  Of course sometimes this leads in areas unexpected.  

In this case I wanted to show Matty Watty 30 years older as an decades long CEO of her Space Flight Company.  I figured man, what would Matty’s future look like since it deviated from real life due to a failed alien invasion.  I bet it would look like a cross between the Jetsons, Star Trek, and architect Hugh Ferris’ work.  

Back to it now:-)

Greetings DieselFunkateers!

Time for a little Matty Action.  All of this black and white comic work is driving me caaarrrraaazzzeee:-)  

Okay, back to it,

Greetings DieselFunkateers!  Hard at work in the studio on multiple projects, some of which I can’t talk about right now but plugging away.  All of this work of course leads to a bit of artistic schizophrenia.  So while doing a bit of BlackJack I took a detour for sanity with Jake Wyatt’s Necropolis.  Crazy Frikin Character!

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