Greetings DieselFunkateers! I’m in route to my yearly vacation in Vermont. But know the work never stops!

A while back I made an investment in two Cintiq setups that allow for in-studio work and mobile work. So now the Megabus ride or communing with nature won’t be so soul searing because Daddy’s able to draw when and wherever the urge arises. This is a great comfort to me and I’m sure, my collaborators:-)

Back to it!

Greetings DieselFunkateers!  Normally I try to keep the content on my blog fairly light on personal stuff.  But..Holy Smokes, My Father turned 80 years old today!

From my Father I learned that despite what one may or may not expect, you have the ability to be a force in the lives of others.  You can show them that a Man can cook, can get the kids to school, be nurturing to children, be a gracious disciplinarian, play the bad cop when its necessary (although some may object), dress up like Emperor Palpatine while the guys dress up like the Fetts on Halloween, make it okay to start a business, make it okay to fail at a business, make it okay to try it again, be an attentive Husband, be a driven ARTIST, and best of all, LIVE A LONG LIFE.  

My Father has done that.  May I do even half of what he is still doing.  

I Love you my Friend.