Oh Yes, Things are most DEFINITELY AFOOT.  

GREETINGS DIESELFUNKATEERS!  The Power of Odin compels me to keep you guys abreast of events. Firstly, I’m not attending this year’s NYCC (Although next year count me down:-)  BlackJack is so close I’m getting a nose bleed.  Further, the Apple Developers License, Google Developers License, and App creation software are in house. Bighead Scientists’ first publications; “Matty’s Rocket” and “A Look Into The Cave” are on schedule for Fall 2014!

On the art tip, It’s been a while since I showed my New York Film Academy work.  This particular example was an in-class demo for my animation students as to how concepts, characters, and storyboards are created utilizing a mix of everything.  This can range from photos, painting, web images, etc.   But let me be honest, I needed a reason to do something that didn’t look like it comes from 1930!:-)

Back to the LAB!

Greetings Dieselfunkateers!   I am closing out on work in the studio. Took a very quick break to attend The New York Film Festival screening of my brother, Arthur Jafa’s documentary,“Dreams Are Colder Than Death”. If you want to see a film that offers a beautifully visual sense of Black Folk, along with the words to add true depth, this is the one for you. Our family was fully in attendance so that was a karmic moment.  I was also privileged to meet cast a crew such as civil rights luminary, Kathleen Cleaver, the the producer Asa.  Notable attendees were filmmakers, Charles Burnett, and Nefertite Nguvu (Check out her flick “In the Morning”) and genius musicians Boston Fielder (my other bro), and Melvin Gibbs.  The film critic Amy Taubin making the introduction and conducting Q/A for the film was the cherry on top:-)

Proud of you Bro!