Tell The Damn Story!

Tell The Damn Story!

TELL THE DAMN STORY!  GREETINGS DIESELFUNKATEERS!  Writer Extraordinaires’ Alex Simmons, Chris Ryan, Techdog Matthew Simmons, and myself are putting together a very cool thing…  Stay tuned for updates!  Also we now have an Appearances and Events page on the Dieselfunk Site.

Station Keeping!

Studio Visceral

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EAST COAST COMICON  for Dieselfunk was a BLAST.  Greetings DIESELFUNKATEERS!  Thanks to the Kidscomicon crew for allowing us to be part of the team.  Beyond selling Matty, we did a very cool digital art workshop and drew tons of portraits for younglings and parents. Special Thanks to Alex Simmons for his continuing guidance and advice.  Next up…KIDSCOMICON APRIL25th!