Salty Popcorn, Coffee, Mosquitoes, Family, and Friends.

Hello All. I’m presently in the rolling green hills and latte laden valleys of Vermont.  I try to make it once or twice every year to continue building my relationships as well as investigating more opportunities for my work. 
I arrived off the road and almost immediately I saw posters from Matty’s Rocket mounted on the walls of the local comic book store, Earth Prime Comics 
Sort of an out of body experience seeing my work next to The Walking Dead.  Great staff there like Damon and Chris.  Hopefully we can do a signing there.  I’ll keep you guys posted. 
Afterwards, I had a quick meeting with a local DJ Craig Mitchell who works out of the Red Square. Turns out he’s a world class singer!  
Then of course I attended with family and friends,  a double screening  of Wolverine and Elysium at a wonderful Drive-In theater. 
Nothing like salty popcorn, coffee, Mosquitoes, Family, and Friends. 

Hey there Folks.  I’ve been working hard on multiple projects for a bit.  Some of them I won’t share every detail.  In that process however I’m always trying to devise different ways of drawing.  My reputation within illustration, such as it is, I’m assuminig is that I’m a painted comic guy.  Of course  years ago across the street from that cottonfield I wanted to be a pen and ink guy like Kirby, Golden, and Moebius.  To that end, I’m trying to come up with a clean style that doesn’t take a lot of time, holds the realism in place, yet still reads as a cartoon.  

More to Come

Hey Everybody,

Figured it was time to massively update my personal/professional website featuring old and new work. I hope it demonstrates a nice range of styles and techniques.