MATTY is Bande DessiNoir

MATTY is Bande DessiNoir

What is Bande DessiNoir?
Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  I was always a HUGE fan of Bande Dessinée, the name for Franco-Belgian comics.  When Heavy Metal magazine hit, it completely changed my life.  Stories like ‘The Airtight Garage,’ ‘The Long Tomorrow,’ and ‘Exterminator 17’ completely altered my life.  It wouldn’t be for a few years till I became aware that Heavy Metal was merely the american offshoot of Metal Hurlant.  This European publication was started by a group of hotshot fantasy illustrators and cartoonists.
Now take the fact that I lived in the middle of a Cotton Field reading this stuff was amazing…particularly for the fact that they didn’t sell comics in Clarksdale MS beyond 1978.  At the very least,  it definitely made me unpopular in school:-)
I always wanted to see people of color depicted in such fantasy and science fiction scenarios.  In fact, there was one obscure Heavy Metal installment done by a man of color, Ed Davis’ ‘A World Apart: The Golden City.’ 
Jean Giraud’s ‘ARZACH’
Enki Bilal’s, ‘THE WOMAN TRAP’
Phillipe Druillet’s ‘LONE SLOANE: DELIRIUS’,
and Richard Corben’s ‘Den’
Even still, I wanted to see more.  Which was about the time I realized I’d have to do it myself.  More on that later.
  IF you always wanted to see Afrocentric and afrofuturistic comics done with the level of craft and adventure present in fully painted bande dessinée…
Then what you want is…Bande DessiNoir
Dieselfunk Studios Presents:  MATTY’S ROCKET BOOK 1

Dieselfunk Studios Presents: MATTY’S ROCKET BOOK 1

Greetings Dieselfunkateers! Tim Fielder here. It is my distinct pleasure, and the pleasure of the Dieselfunk Studios team to present MATTY’S ROCKET BOOK ONE.

This book has been a labor of love that I have wanted to do for many decades. Each panel has been painstakingly painted and composed. Each line of dialogue and concept design has been lovingly attended to. This book collects the stories of Matty’s Rocket 1-3 with a few narrative surprises, tons of extra content, and guest contributors.I gave it everything I had.  I hope you feel the heart and love that went into it as well.  For the individual issues and the Graphic Novel go to:

I call it Bande DessiNoir.  More on this later…

Speaking of Guest Contributors. The most sincere THANKS to:
Junot Díaz,
Valarie Boyd,
John Jennings,
Andre Peltier,
Kat Fajardo,
David Brame,
Sharon Lee De La Cruz,
James Mason,
Barbara Brandon-Croft,
Dawud Anyabwile,
and the woman who gave me my start in the biz, Joyce Brabner.

This book wouldn’t exist without your contributions.










Warmest Regards, and ENJOY!

Tim Fielder
Creator of Matty’s Rocket

Finally, For the individual issues and Graphic Novel go to:

Matty Matters

Matty Matters

Greetings Dieselfunkateers!   Decades ago I embarked on the mission to produce a character that would embody the spirit of adventure, fun, and drama.  Well actually, I’ve always tried to do that with every character I do.  I grew up looking at Superman, Batman, Buck Rogers, Star Wars.  As a child of the 60s-70s I had my heroes that allowed me to wonder.  But I oftentimes wondered what those of my parents generation and earlier had as lighthouses of valor?  Did they have a Flash Gordon or a Rocketman?  Sadly, the answer was NO.  Representation of people of color was systemically depicted in the most stereotypical fashion; if at all.  When it came to genre’s such as Science Fiction and Action Adventure, there was literally no representation at all; with only obscure exceptions.  Black and Brown boys and girls, let alone men and women, could not see themselves in outer space.  Upon the arrival of the 1960-70s things would begin to slowly change.  There was Lt. Uhura and Lando Calrissian.  But they often seemed alone…literally the only black people in space.  In the remote chance they were present, they would die at the hands of the alien or monster…just before the credits rolled or our comic came to an end.  More regressive was the depiction of female characters in an over-sexualized state.  This is and still remains rampant in comics.  In a crazed yet equal way, the mysogyny of female characters are not bound by color or ethnicity.  Nothing more sobering and insidious than seeing our earth mother heroine wearing a thong.  There would be no escape for us.

But…Perhaps it didn’t have to be that way?

Matty’s Rocket is designed to go beyond such limitations while acknowledging our past history.  No doubt this story is designed specifically for women of color but the universality of the themes aspire to connect with everyone.

BIG NEWS coming up shortly.  Stand by!



Age doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, youth doesn’t matter, exclusivity doesn’t matter, even beauty doesn’t matter.  That ethereal element known as technology has liberated the masses.  Know THIS:  As stated in a recent interview by my twin bro, “We are all PLAYING WITH HOUSE MONEY NOW.” 

After many months of painstaking and patient work, Dieselfunk Studios has now acquired the components of OUR PRINT-ON-DEMAND setup to manufacture OUR books.  While many challenges remain, we will endeavor to MAKE OUR Art books, hardbound books, floppies, slipcovers, comics, graphic novels, novels children’s, even apps.  You name it, WE will do it.  I want to issue my most humble and sincere thanks to my Wife and playwright magnifique Melanie Maria Goodreaux, my partner in All Things Dieselfunkshow and Dieselfunk, Jim Fielder, my mentor and watchtower, Boston Fielder, my brother Arthur Jafa, and Thank God, my Parents who are still here to see it, Arthur and Rowena Fielder.  Couldn’t have made the marathon without my Brothers from other mothers Marc Florestant and David Littlefield and Sister Dee Barnes.  Gotta also mention my boys Jacob and Max neice/nephews Cole and Zora.  Enormous thanks go to my Friends , Supporters and Inspirators, Motherboxx brethren John Jennings, Stacey Robinson, Prison City Partner David F Walker. Afrofuture Maestros Toniesha L Taylor,  Reynaldo Anderson, Kintra Jallow TTDS dudes Alexander Simmons, Chris Ryan, Tarra K Rhymes,  Greg Anderson Ellysee,  Kadija George, Comixcast Maven Joyce Brabner and of course the Originator Baba Dawud Anyabwile.  Thank you ALL.  

This last part I have to keep separate from the main post.  MOST DIRECTLY, this initiative would not have happened without the tremendous advice frankly gracious support of my friends and POWER COUPLE Jason and Kemi Reeves of the Illustrious   Much LOVE and RESPECT to you Both.

Lord Help Me.  I’ve taken the RED PILL?!!!:-)

AJALA Birthday Surprise!

AJALA Birthday Surprise!

AJALA Birthday Surprise!  Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Work continues in the studio towards completion on multiple fronts.  The only course of action, take a little at a time.  As I burn fuel on one tank (say with David Walker’s collab), I then jump to Matty 3, then on to Sam Delany’s PUSHERS.  Again to Ruby Redreaux, then maybe some BOX of BONES. Decided to finish off the promised poster for N Steven Harris and Robert Garrett’s AJALA.  

Back to IT!