Black Metropolis DAY 1!  FINISH, DELIVER & SHOW

Black Metropolis DAY 1! FINISH, DELIVER & SHOW

Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  BLACK METROPOLIS: 30 Years of Afrofuturism, Comics, Music, Animation, Decapitated Chickens, Heroes, Villains, and Negroes. As part of The Carnegie Hall Afrofuturism Festival Opened TODAY.  Feb 1st – Mar 31st at the Children’s Art Carnival 62 Hamilton Terrace, New York, NY 10031 Tuesdays- Sundays 12pm-7pm Closed Monday (Gotta Rest sometime right?)

Okay. So, Why Black Metropolis?  What would compel me to put on a career retrospective?  

This is a question I intend to answer in detail over the course of the festival. But as this is the first day I will simply say the following:
For all artists, audience members of any color, orientation, and gender; I’ve been working the margins of Black Speculative Art in comics and concept design since I was 12 years old. As of this writing I am 55 years old. I learned in only my middle age, that YOU ALONE are responsible for advocating for YOUR WORK.  It’s not easy. in fact it’s downright exhausting. Plus I had plenty of help. However, it’s easily the most fulfilling, validating, and FUN activity of my life. Here’s the catch. You must:
See you at the Show!!!!
The Carnegie Hall Afrofuturism Festival

The Carnegie Hall Afrofuturism Festival

Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  At long last the time has arrived.  We are now fully in the Event Horizon.

The Carnegie Hall Afrofuturism Festival

A Celebration of all things Afrofuturist runs from February 1st – March 31st 2022.  A MAJOR announcement was made today by the highly respected, Carnegie Hall

We are happy to report that Dieselfunk Studios is well represented.  Our events range from our foundation event, the return of the career retrospective exhibit;

BLACK METROPOLIS: 30 Years of Afrofuturism, Comics, Music, Animation, Decapitated Chickens, Heroes, Villains, and Negroes 

Running at the historic Children’s Arts Carnival, this exhibit taking place at this historic festival sets the record straight on an important component of Visual Afrofuturist history; The Art of Tim Fielder.  So much work has gone into making this historic Festival one for the history books.  No powder will be left dry, no stone left unturned.  More Info to Come!

Go to  IT IS ON!



Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Tim Fielder here.  TODAY, myself and fellow visual afrofuturist, Stacey Robinson, will participate in Jeff Smith’s amazing Cartoon Crossroads Columbus CXC.



The marketing for INFINITUM; An Afrofuturist Tale’, is really starting to ramp up.  Thusly, as the release of INFINITUM gets closer to publication by HarperCollins Amistad on January 19th, 2021, we were grateful that CXC allowed my career over the decades to be discussed.  If you ever wanted to see how black cartooning intersects with Black Rock Music, Yoruba religious modalities, and Science Fiction, THIS IS IT!

Dieselfunk Website Relaunch ACTIVATE!

Dieselfunk Website Relaunch ACTIVATE!

GREETINGS DIESELFUNKATEERS!   WEBSITE RELAUNCH!  As those that know can attest, I have many initiatives that I undertake.  We are believers that if mugs see something, it’s REAL to them.  We apply this philosophy towards presenting our work in the best possible light.  Perfection is not the goal. Iterative Improvement is the goal.  After months of planning we have relaunched the Dieselfunk Studios website. 


Some elements look the same while other sections are brand new.  Plus we’ve added some elements under the hood.  Quick features are a nice social media feed to always ensure that there is new content on the site.  Additionally, there are new project pages for Matty’s Rocket, and our up and coming release, INFINITUM.  More updates and tweaks will be coming as the days and weeks go on.



We have had the pleasure of working with Webmaster David M. Littlefield, aka DMLWORX to construct a site that very much employs the ‘Dieselfunkcosphere’ idea that all things Dieselfunk must be integrated and accessible.  He has experience in many areas of design, web creation and virtual experience.  Just a few samples of work he’s done…



If you need webdesign, this cat is a viable option.  As a personal endorsement, Dmlworx built my first website back in 2001.  Plus he’s a hell of an INSTAGRAM PHOTOGRAPHER! So there you go!







NPR’S CLOSER LOOK with Rose Scott on BLACK METROPOLIS & Tim Fielder

NPR’S CLOSER LOOK with Rose Scott on BLACK METROPOLIS & Tim Fielder

NPR’S CLOSER LOOK with Rose Scott on BLACK METROPOLIS & Tim Fielder

Greetings Dieselfunkateers!


EMILIA BROCKWABE talked about Afrofuturism and my experience.  Also, special tip: on the site you’ll see a preview of INFINITUM.  As an artist I have longed to be recognized for my work on a deeper level.  For me, this extends beyond the borders of the comic industry into the deeper community at large.  To achieve this goal I have my ‘goto’ outlets, one of which was always to be interviewed by National Public Radio.  This wonderful experience was conducted by the Great Rose Scott


Scott is known for hard-hitting journalism on both the local and international scene.  She brought it and I barely hung on from her probing queries.  Bah…I LOVED EVERY MINUTE as can be seen below:

This was a fulfillment of the highest magnitude.  I’d like to thank NPR, Rose, and crew, and WABE for all of their wonderful support and attention.



BLACK METROPOLIS CONTINUES at The Hammonds House Museum 

Tim Fielder
Black Metropolis: 30 Years of Afrofuturism, Comics, Music, Animation, Decapitated Chickens, Heroes, Villains and Negroes 

October 12-November 25, 2018