Dieselfunk Show SXSL At The Whitehouse

Dieselfunk Show SXSL At The Whitehouse


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Identical Twins Jim and Tim Fielder bring their new technique of Digital Journalism, called GLOGGING, to South By South Lawn TODAY.  President Obama and the First Lady attended South By Southwest earlier this year and decided, BOOM, lets do it on the lawn of the Whitehouse!  Glogging, which is a hybrid of filmed interview and editorial cartoon illustration, has been featured in the New York Times and on CNET.  Tune in to the LIVE BROADCAST on https://www.facebook.com/dieselfunkshow/

Check out everything they’ve been doing for The Dieselfunk Show at www.dieselfunkshow.com


Dieselfunking With Marshall Ramsey

Dieselfunking With Marshall Ramsey

DIESELFUNKING WITH MARSHALL RAMSEY  Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Had the privilege of being radio interviewed by the Man Who Knows All Media, Mr. MARSHALL RAMSEY on his show NOW YOU’RE TALKING WITH MARSHALL RAMSEY .  Marshall is a fantastic cartoonist and speaker.  Further, the man shares an insightful knowledge on how to navigate this world we are in with respect to Technology, Health, and Art.  Mississippi Public Broadcasting carries the show hosted by Marshall and produced by the multi-talented Cherita Brint.

We discussed subjects ranging from Matty’s Rocket, The Dieselfunk Show, being a TEDx Speaker, creating a new form of Comics Journalism, Glogging for the New York Times, new media, self promotion and the reality of what it means to be an artist and entrepreneur in the 21st Century.  This conversation will definitely continue in the Near Future.


Dieselfunk Show Interview link

DNC Done!

DNC Done!



It’s been an absolutely wild ride the last two weeks. Yesterday brought to an end the road journey around the chaos that is the intra-party pageantry of the American political system.   The Democratic National Convention was every bit as insane as a Bond movie. Who would have thought that my joke about there being Russians would actually come true:-)

The truly great experience was working with my twin brother Jim Fielder, on our new venture ’The Dieselfunk GLOG and SHOW. Expect more on that as we go along. Thanks to Joyce Brabner, founder of Comixcast, my Comixcast mates, and of course The Illustrious One’s, THE OUTHOUSERS, for letting me do my thang. Also, I want to acknowledge Black Enterprise Magazine’s , Derek Dingle, Maryann Reid, Hailey Wallace, and Sharon Wynne.  

Finally, none of this would have been known about without the continued tweeting, retweeting of the numerous bloggers out there.  All of theblerdgurls, afronerds, blacktribbles, blackgril nerds, yams and whathave you represent the end of the media world as we know it.  

Very quick note on GLOGGING.  IT’S FUN  



We’ll be Glogging with Joe Thomas of Atomic Comics, Ariell Johnson of Amalgam Comics, and the MAN, Danny Simmons of Rush Galleries.  Philly does indeedydo ROCK

Mattys Rocketeer To The Big Screen

Mattys Rocketeer To The Big Screen



Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Matty’s Rocket is headed to the BIG SCREEN.  Wait a minute?  It’s actually the late comic master Dave Stevens’ The ROCKETEER headed for a movie reboot, with a Sister in the lead!  Either way, I know it’s based on the comics its gonna be GREAT!

Very quick note for the record.  Bog Iger is a BRILLIANT CEO.  Known for guiding Disney to heights unseen.  I study the way he has managed Disney through the PIXAR/LUCASFILM AND MARVEL eras.  Most impressive was his technique of sorting out the tension between Steve Jobs due to the former Disney CEOs reign.  Well Sir, I got an IP, just as good asThe ROCKETEER!  And…Best of all, I got 15 episodes of written storyline, and 8 episodes of full storyboards with concept designs and character work.  Why remake the wheel man.  I LOVE DISNEY, and LUCASFILM, (Heck I’m doing what I do because of what George Lucas did.)

Give me a call MR. IGER!:-)  

Special Thanks and shoutout to Tatiana of The Fanbros for the headsup.  

Announcing Prison City

Announcing Prison City



Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Just in time for SDCC. Writer, David F. Walker (Luke Cage and Ironfist / Shaft) and Illustrator, Tim Fielder (Matty’s Rocket / Blackjack: There Came A Dark Hunter’) have started their own creator owned project  PRISON CITY.

If you like Drama, Action, and Romance with your morning bowl of Politics and Corruption, you’ll LOVE THIS.

More Details to Come.