Dieselfunk Studios Presents:  MATTY’S ROCKET BOOK 1

Dieselfunk Studios Presents: MATTY’S ROCKET BOOK 1

Greetings Dieselfunkateers! Tim Fielder here. It is my distinct pleasure, and the pleasure of the Dieselfunk Studios team to present MATTY’S ROCKET BOOK ONE.

This book has been a labor of love that I have wanted to do for many decades. Each panel has been painstakingly painted and composed. Each line of dialogue and concept design has been lovingly attended to. This book collects the stories of Matty’s Rocket 1-3 with a few narrative surprises, tons of extra content, and guest contributors.I gave it everything I had.  I hope you feel the heart and love that went into it as well.  For the individual issues and the Graphic Novel go to: www.dieselfunkstore.com

I call it Bande DessiNoir.  More on this later…

Speaking of Guest Contributors. The most sincere THANKS to:
Junot Díaz,
Valarie Boyd,
John Jennings,
Andre Peltier,
Kat Fajardo,
David Brame,
Sharon Lee De La Cruz,
James Mason,
Barbara Brandon-Croft,
Dawud Anyabwile,
and the woman who gave me my start in the biz, Joyce Brabner.

This book wouldn’t exist without your contributions.










Warmest Regards, and ENJOY!

Tim Fielder
Creator of Matty’s Rocket

Finally, For the individual issues and Graphic Novel go to: www.dieselfunkstore.com

The Dieselfunkcosphere Dieselfunk Journal 2

The Dieselfunkcosphere Dieselfunk Journal 2


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!   We are now entering the third week of creating content for The DIESELFUNK SHOW (Please SUBSCRIBE & HIT the Bell Button for NOTIFICATIONS)  Make no mistake about it, PRE- blog, vlog, GLOGG, and COMATIC is a very different conversation than POST blog, vlog, GLOGG, and COMATIC.  Why?  Well to discuss content creation is a different action than actually creating it.  Now I won’t beat around the bush, this is very hard work.  Long hours, intense focus, and ultimately in some cases, sleep deprivation.  This…All while producing COMICS.  Add to this I’m working with my Twin Brother JIM FIELDER; which makes it without question THE MOST FULFILLING WORK OF MY LIFE.

As I stated in my earlier post, this would be a process of learning and adjusting. We are constantly working on generating content.  We have finished our first professional photo session, conducted by the awesome Amy Frushour Kelly http://www.frushour.org/ that will be used to promote our operation..  First thing we’ve noticed with respects to Youtube is that SEO optimization and thumbnails are KEY.  This will grow even more complex as Facebook ramps up its video monetization scheme…hint: IT WILL BE WAR:-) Further, when you are starting out it makes more sense to consolidate your channels into ONE channel.  Now if you’re already down the road a bit thats okay as you can share playlists on the other channels.  Honestly, it’s a bit of a bear maintaining both The Dieselfunk Show and High John Conqueror, although I love them both.  However, upon listening to Youtube creator/ consultant Derral Eves http://derraleves.com/ and Youtube Maestro/creator/consultant/graphic designer, Roberto Blake http://robertoblake.com/ we have devised a plan. First step is High John Conqueror will likely be folded into The Dieselfunkshow. This extends to more than just Youtube.  We will CONSOLIDATE ALL CONTENT. 


Every INTEREST will utilize CONTROL of manufacturing and distribution which becomes a SEGMENT of the larger PROGRAM.  This reduces the amount of maintenance from each separate channel.  So you’ve got the Dieselfunk GLOGG, OLD BLACKMAN TALES and HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR all consolidated into THE DIESELFUNK SHOW.  With more to come.



Back to It!

2 Billion Eyeballs Dieselfunk Journal 1

2 Billion Eyeballs Dieselfunk Journal 1


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  The last week was a MASSIVE WEEK for Dieselfunk Studios.  High John Conqueror and The Dieselfunk Show have now premiered.  We have now moved on to the intricate and long term work of building a brand, audience, and market for our content.




I’ve kept a Journal for decades and used to writing down the occasional thought towards processing events.  It’s been a very useful exercise.  To that end, I’ve decided to take some time to write down my ideas on comics, media, and the REALITY that is the INTERNET.  We’ll call it say; THE DIESELFUNK JOURNAL.  I’m sure there are far more knowledgable and experienced folks in this area than I.  So if what I’m stating is old hat or irrelevant then simply ignore me.

In REAL NUMBERS, the mainstream comic book readership maxes out at 100-200 thousand readers give or take a few thousand. Spread proportionally over the level of strength and size of each publisher, access becomes a matter of life..and more often…Death.

So how does the one man/woman or independent shop, like DIESELFUNK STUDIOS, get in the game?  Not just the comic game, but the game that goes beyond that.  Well that’s what this journal series will be about.  We will investigate a lot, learn a lot, make mistakes…A LOT, and hopefully have the occasional bout of SUCCESS, a LOT:-)

Lets begin with the Thesis:  IFYOUTUBE has over 1 Billion users,   INSTAGRAM is at 7 Million users (pushing to reach 1 Billion by the end of the year), Facebook is virtually at 2 BILLION USERS!, and other networks are massive as well, would it not make more sense to GO ALL IN ON COMICS EXCLUSIVELY IN SOCIAL MEDIA.  Completely different Paradigm Right?



Of course,  there’s that sticky QUALITY, DISTRIBUTION, and MONETIZATION thingy…:-)

More thoughts to Come…

High John Conqueror Chp 1 Portalis Sanctorum

High John Conqueror Chp 1 Portalis Sanctorum

High John Conqueror Chp 1:  Portalis Sanctorum



Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  HAPPY JUNETEENTH DAY!  You know, I choose Juneteenth for a reason.  This Day represents the End of Slavery in the United States…and the liberation of Million of Souls to strive to reach the Stars.  For me personally, High John Conqueror is an attempt to reach further by innovating in a new form while paying homage to what came before.



At Long Last,  Dieselfunk Studios’ Social Media Comic Experiment High John Conqueror is upon us. OUR STORY WILL BE UPDATING IN SMALL INCREMENTS 2-3 DAYS PER WEEK ON:




Our Story begins in the final days of The Civil War…BUCKLE UP!