Dieselfunk Glog in NY Times

Dieselfunk Glog in NY Times


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  The Dieselfunk GLOG Crew has been published in the The NEW YORK TIMES.  Look and subscribe to the Race/Related Newsletter Section and you will find the writeup.  It goes without saying how HUGE this is for my bro, Jim and me (as well as our Comixcast mates).  From a concept formulated on a Greyhound Bus to CNET and now to the Times.  The last two weeks have been absolutely INSANE.  On a personal note, I will state for the record this is a MASSIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT for me individually as a cartoonist. If you ever wants to see an old blackman cry,checkthisquote:

Final mention and thanks to the ‘Programmeditor’, Angelica Rogers,  of The New York Times for being motivational and patient with a brother.


DNC Done!

DNC Done!



It’s been an absolutely wild ride the last two weeks. Yesterday brought to an end the road journey around the chaos that is the intra-party pageantry of the American political system.   The Democratic National Convention was every bit as insane as a Bond movie. Who would have thought that my joke about there being Russians would actually come true:-)

The truly great experience was working with my twin brother Jim Fielder, on our new venture ’The Dieselfunk GLOG and SHOW. Expect more on that as we go along. Thanks to Joyce Brabner, founder of Comixcast, my Comixcast mates, and of course The Illustrious One’s, THE OUTHOUSERS, for letting me do my thang. Also, I want to acknowledge Black Enterprise Magazine’s , Derek Dingle, Maryann Reid, Hailey Wallace, and Sharon Wynne.  

Finally, none of this would have been known about without the continued tweeting, retweeting of the numerous bloggers out there.  All of theblerdgurls, afronerds, blacktribbles, blackgril nerds, yams and whathave you represent the end of the media world as we know it.  

Very quick note on GLOGGING.  IT’S FUN  



We’ll be Glogging with Joe Thomas of Atomic Comics, Ariell Johnson of Amalgam Comics, and the MAN, Danny Simmons of Rush Galleries.  Philly does indeedydo ROCK

Comixcast RNC Done!

Comixcast RNC Done!

COMIXCAST RNC DONE!   Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  The Dieselfunk Crew has shut down operations in Cleveland as we prepare to head back to the studio.  Our final day was spent interviewing Entrepreneur, Artist, and Activist Ra Washington, owner of GUIDE TO KULCHUR.

numerous members of the Comixcast Crew,

and finally, the Mastermind of COMIXCAST


I’m so very, very PROUD of Joyce as her vision towards creating an inclusive, socially engaged Incubator for cartoonists of all backgrounds was an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS.

As it stands, COMIXCAST provided the opportunity to:  1.  Provide a compelling Visual in the fight against Oppression.  2.  Give many old head cartoonists an opportunity to re-engage in the larger discussion with their Art.  3.  Give an Awesome start to young cartoonists.  4.  Creative dynamic content that bridges and transcends the analog media and blasts into the virtual media. 5.  Create the space to give life to a new form of cartooning…GLOGGING.  and finally,   6.  Allow me and my Twin Brother to create an Excitingly NEW creative venture…The Dieselfunk Glog.

Next UP… DNC Philly!

The Dieselfunk Glog

The Dieselfunk Glog

The DIESELFUNK GLOG.  Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  The Dieselfunk Crew is presently in route to Cleveland, Ohio to participate in the historic COMIXCAST RNC.  Comixcast, founded by the Legend, Joyce Brabner (Real War Stories, Brought To Light, Our Cancer Year) has undertaken the task of gathering together cartoonists of diverse backgrounds to report, draw, and protest the The Republican National Convention.  

So, exactly what is a GLOG?  Well if a Blog is digital journalism via words, and a Vlog is digital journalism via Video, then a GLOG is digital journalism via GRAPHICS.  The Dieselfunk Way of graphics journalism will encompass Cartooning, Google Glass Video clips, and Digital Portraiture.

We will be Comixcasting LIVE for the next 4 Days.  Neither Rain, Sleet, Snow, or Teargas will stop US!

FURTHER, We have the honor of not only working via Comixcast, we are going to be sending out repeated clips to the Illustrious Ones…THE OUTHOUSERS.