Age doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, youth doesn’t matter, exclusivity doesn’t matter, even beauty doesn’t matter.  That ethereal element known as technology has liberated the masses.  Know THIS:  As stated in a recent interview by my twin bro, “We are all PLAYING WITH HOUSE MONEY NOW.” 

After many months of painstaking and patient work, Dieselfunk Studios has now acquired the components of OUR PRINT-ON-DEMAND setup to manufacture OUR books.  While many challenges remain, we will endeavor to MAKE OUR Art books, hardbound books, floppies, slipcovers, comics, graphic novels, novels children’s, even apps.  You name it, WE will do it.  I want to issue my most humble and sincere thanks to my Wife and playwright magnifique Melanie Maria Goodreaux, my partner in All Things Dieselfunkshow and Dieselfunk, Jim Fielder, my mentor and watchtower, Boston Fielder, my brother Arthur Jafa, and Thank God, my Parents who are still here to see it, Arthur and Rowena Fielder.  Couldn’t have made the marathon without my Brothers from other mothers Marc Florestant and David Littlefield and Sister Dee Barnes.  Gotta also mention my boys Jacob and Max neice/nephews Cole and Zora.  Enormous thanks go to my Friends , Supporters and Inspirators, Motherboxx brethren John Jennings, Stacey Robinson, Prison City Partner David F Walker. Afrofuture Maestros Toniesha L Taylor,  Reynaldo Anderson, Kintra Jallow TTDS dudes Alexander Simmons, Chris Ryan, Tarra K Rhymes,  Greg Anderson Ellysee,  Kadija George, Comixcast Maven Joyce Brabner and of course the Originator Baba Dawud Anyabwile.  Thank you ALL.  

This last part I have to keep separate from the main post.  MOST DIRECTLY, this initiative would not have happened without the tremendous advice frankly gracious support of my friends and POWER COUPLE Jason and Kemi Reeves of the Illustrious   Much LOVE and RESPECT to you Both.

Lord Help Me.  I’ve taken the RED PILL?!!!:-)

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Dieselfunk Year in Review

Dieselfunk Year in Review


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Very quick update because the work NEVER STOPS.  Dieselfunk Studios has now passed through our 2nd year with Matty’s Rocket the Comic Series and begun production of The Dieselfunk Show. 

We started out with the premiere of Matty’s Rocket 2 at Planet Deep South.

Won a GLPYH Award along with Alex Simmons for Blackjack: There Came A Dark Hunter’ 

Did Comic workshops in The Mississippi Delta, Schomburg Museum, Jackson MS and Columbus, Ohio. 

We had a MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL showcase of 30 Years of work in comics and Afrofuturism titled ‘BLACK METROPOLIS:  30 Years of Afrofuturism, Comics, Music, Animation,  Decapitated Chickens, Heroes, Villains, and, and Negroes.  

Returned to East Coast Comicon, New York Comicon and SOLcon.

Joined the Comixcast crew (headed by the Legend, Joyce Brabner) in covering the Madness that was the Republican National and Democratic National conventions.

Co-created, along with Jim Fielder, an entirely new form of Digital Journalism called Glogging.  This effort resulted in starting production on our program called The Dieselfunk Show.

This work would have us invited to The White House at the First Annual South By South Lawn event in which the Dieselfunk Crew drew President Obama and performed the first Digital Plein Air painting of the Whitehouse…without being sniped I might add:-)

We’d go into the fall of the year with Glogging at the Star Trek Missions 50th Anniversary and participating in the Black Enterprise Comics Roundtable.

Had the honor of illustrating a story written by the Eisner Award and National Book Award winning Andrew Aydin for Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Liberty Annual.

This year closed out with an AWESOME New York Times expose on Afrofuturism featuring the likes of Rhianna, Beyonce, Solange, Ytasha Womack, Rasheeda Phillips, and yours truly, Tim Fielder.   This is added on by Bleeding Cool’s preview of Matty’s Rocket 3 and the premiere of The Dieselfunk Store for all of your Matty’s Rocket and Afrofuturistic goods! 

I did not think that this year could top last year.  BUT IT DID.  Very very Grateful and Humbled.

We look forward to even BIGGER THINGS coming for 2017.

Tim Fielder

Dieselfunk Studios

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CBLDF Liberty Annual 2016 Great Heroes Be The Change!

CBLDF Liberty Annual 2016 Great Heroes Be The Change!



CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2016 Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Liberty Annual 2016  is now out in stores and in digital. Published by Image Comics.

  “GREAT HEROES” Be The Change! CBLDF salutes the real people who changed the world, from suffragettes to sports legends, creative visionaries to courageous citizens who took a stand. CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2016 will inspire readers to go out and optimistically build a better world by telling the stories of the people who did just that! All proceeds from this benefi t anthology support Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s important work protecting the freedom to read. – See more at:

This Annual features notable entries by folks like Paul Pope, Nate Powell, Anina Bennett and Ron Wimberly.


Within this issue premieres ‘The Imprisonment of Victoria Woodhull: written by Andrew Aydin  (of Eisner Award winning ‘MARCH’ Fame) and Illustrated by yours truly Tim Fielder.   Find it in stores and digital.


I was honored to work with Andrew, who delivered a story of great poignancy and timeliness.  Victoria Woodhull was the first Woman to RUN FOR PRESIDENT.  I can’t think of a better time for this story to come out with the potential of our First Female President in the soon to occur election.  So when you pick up a copy of the Annual why not GO AND CAST YOUR VOTE!


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The Imprisonment Of Victoria Woodhull

The Imprisonment Of Victoria Woodhull


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Just finished the work on a collaboration with Eisner Award Winner ANDREW AYDIN, writer of MARCH (a collaboration with Congressman John Lewis and Artist Nate Powell).  The title; The Imprisonment Of Victoria Woodhull.  This short story deals with the life of one Victoria Woodhull, who was the first female candidate for President of the United States.  That story, part of an CBLDF anthology, will be available in comic shops around Election Day.

Also some MAJOR NEWS for the Dieselfunk Crew coming up.  STANDBY!

More tidbits to COME!

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PB Soldier Almost There

PB Soldier Almost There


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!   Brother Naseed Gifted is almost to his KICKSTARTER GOAL and only needs a little bit mo MONEY to close it out!


BAHH, WHAT THE HECK…IF YOU GIVE $200 I will do a custom black and white sketch for you! (Be Gentle, I’m on Deadline:-)


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Blackjack Rapid Reads

Blackjack Rapid Reads

BLACKJACK RAPID READS!   Greetings Dieselfunkateers!   This is a wonderful Birthday Gift.  I’ve been grinding full time the last few months and have barely had a moment to think too much of the projects I’ve completed because i’m feverishly on to the next.  When I made my transition back into the comic industry a few years ago I had no idea that Alexander Simmons’ creation, BLACKJACK “aka Arron Day’, would have such a profound effect on my personal and professional career.  Beyond the graphic novel I illustrated, ‘Blackjack: There Came A Dark Hunter’, I’ve done tons of individual and sequential pieces on this wonderful character.

Coming out this fall are 4 books by Alexander Simmons and Chris Ryan within the Blackjack Adventures world I had the privilege of creating the cover art for. While I ain’t James Bama or John Berkey, I certainly am giving it my best shot!



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