Mississippi Book Festival Tour!

Mississippi Book Festival Tour!


Greetings Dieselfunkateers! I’m beaming to Jackson, MS for the next two days on the MS Book Festival Tour:-) This morning we are at Brown Elementary doing a little Stem, then on to an interview with the GREAT Marshall Ramsey. Later this evening it’s on to the Sketch &Scratch Live Art Show at OFFBEAT!

In the words of the late Cpl Hudson; “It’s That Dry HEAT”:-)

Prison City Comic Prison City Website Is Live

Prison City Comic Prison City Website Is Live


PRISON CITY Website is LIVE!   ANNOUNCING www.prisoncitycomic.com 



This site is the central nexus for ANY and ALL things Prison City, the creator owned project by David F Walker (writer of Powerman and IronFist and the recently announced Occupy Avengers) and Tim Fielder (illustrator of Matty’s Rocket and Blackjack: There Came A Dark Hunter).

Fielder says: “ The intent is to create a transmedia storyline that exists in multiple formats and media. We have an interest in world building that both details the characters but also sells the setting. It’s not enough to simply call it Prison City. You also have to SHOW Prison City. What are the streets like?  Who lives there? How is commerce used?  Is Warden Mitchel Ivanholt as much of a butthole as suspected?


These are the details that will have audiences buy in to the concept. We haven’t found a publisher yet, although we are in discussions with several.  In fact Walker released a tweet recently;

Working on PRISON CITY, my new creator-owned series with collaborator @Dieselfunkstu. No publisher…yet. pic.twitter.com/8jnhLnkLy9


www.prisoncitycomic.com Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Check it!

Urban Showgun Roundhouse

Urban Showgun Roundhouse

URBAN SHOWGUN ROUNDHOUSE!  Greetings Dieselfunkateers!   Work has been busily moving along in the studio.  Multiple projects are underway. AFROFUTUREFEST 2016, MATTY’S ROCKET 3, PRISON CITY, It goes on and on to the Break of Dawn.   But as always, I try to take a few hours when I get a chance to continue my Black Comics Project.  We’ve done a bit of Ajala, and Blackjack.  This time out is Brother James Mason of the ATL’s URBAN SHOGUN.

Back to work for a Brother!

Mattys Rocketeer To The Big Screen

Mattys Rocketeer To The Big Screen



Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Matty’s Rocket is headed to the BIG SCREEN.  Wait a minute?  It’s actually the late comic master Dave Stevens’ The ROCKETEER headed for a movie reboot, with a Sister in the lead!  Either way, I know it’s based on the comics its gonna be GREAT!

Very quick note for the record.  Bog Iger is a BRILLIANT CEO.  Known for guiding Disney to heights unseen.  I study the way he has managed Disney through the PIXAR/LUCASFILM AND MARVEL eras.  Most impressive was his technique of sorting out the tension between Steve Jobs due to the former Disney CEOs reign.  Well Sir, I got an IP, just as good asThe ROCKETEER!  And…Best of all, I got 15 episodes of written storyline, and 8 episodes of full storyboards with concept designs and character work.  Why remake the wheel man.  I LOVE DISNEY, and LUCASFILM, (Heck I’m doing what I do because of what George Lucas did.)

Give me a call MR. IGER!:-)  

Special Thanks and shoutout to Tatiana of The Fanbros for the headsup.  

Announcing Prison City

Announcing Prison City



Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Just in time for SDCC. Writer, David F. Walker (Luke Cage and Ironfist / Shaft) and Illustrator, Tim Fielder (Matty’s Rocket / Blackjack: There Came A Dark Hunter’) have started their own creator owned project  PRISON CITY.

If you like Drama, Action, and Romance with your morning bowl of Politics and Corruption, you’ll LOVE THIS.

More Details to Come.