Sabre Ridin Dirty!

Sabre Ridin Dirty!

SABRE RIDIN DIRTY!  Greetings Dieselfunkateers!   Just coming down from an AWESOME weekend at Eastcoast Comicon.   Having had time to reflect on how transformational it was to do Alexander Simmons Blackjack: There Came a Dark Hunter graphic novel, I have an even greater respect for the creators who came before us.  Had to get this quick image of SABRE, the classic character created by writer Don McGregor and Paul Gulacy out of my head. 

Back to Delany’s PUSHERS, Matty 3, BLACK METROPOLIS, and some other THANGS:-)




ICON.  Geetings Dieselfunkateers!  As I am finishing out my career retrospective book ‘Black Metropolis’, I’ve had to look through tons of unpublished work that may or may not make the final curated cut.  I never was known for doing much Superhero stuff although, let’s be REAL, we all really want to.  But like most brothers and sisters back in the mid-90s I tried my hand at a run for Milestone Media.  If I recall I think the story I wrote was Augustus Freeman thwarts a robbery by a Gold exchange.  I long ago lost the script as we were using…dig it…floppy disks back then.  Didn’t make the cut and the industry all but died at that point so no matter.  But what the hell, the internets allow for one to share work that would normally never be seen.  Okay, back to work on Matty 3Samuel R Delany’s PUSHERS, Black Kirby’s The UNKILLABLE BUCK and last but not least, the David Walker Collab.

What’s OLD is NEW again.  RIP VAN WINKLE Indeedydo!:-)



GANGSTERS. Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Work continues on the multiple projects the Labs have underway.  As necessary, we have to do visual research and testing to make a narrative sing distinctly from another.  Thusly, we do progressive refinements from sketches, to outright 3d models, then paintovers. In this case this is early testing for a project with the Illustrious JOYCE BRABNER.  We’ve got a ways to go, but..

We’ll Get There!

Hey What’s That?!

Hey What’s That?!

page from Matty's Rocket Comic Book

HEY WHAT’S THAT?!  Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Been a bit as Daddio has been in the Dungeon finishing out Matty’s Rocket Issue 2 and Issue 3.  This is a page from issue 2. This year is all about moving our narrative forward and hitting the road to give it to the MASSES!  Heads UP.  The Retro To Rockets Road Tour is right around the Corner.  More Info To Come.  Standby!

Dieselfunk 2015 Year in Review

Dieselfunk 2015 Year in Review


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  I’ll be brief as even on New Years Eve the work doesn’t stop.  Who’d have thought that within 1 Year after making the plunge into Publishing Comic Books I would have;

Published Matty’s Rocket the Comic Series and premiered it at the 3rd Annual Schomburg Black Comic Festival.

Attended and showcased at the Inaugural Black Comic Arts Festival in San Francisco.

Taught Dieselfunk Comic book workshops as far away as the Mississippi Delta to Mountains of Aspen, Colorado.

Was nominated for 4 Glyph Awards for Matty’s Rocket.

Did the first Mississippi Madness Dieselfunk Book Tour.

Attended Conventions such as ECBACC,  Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, New Jersey Shore Comicon, East Cost Comicon, Awesome Con and the Baltimore Comicon.

Paneled at the First Inaugural Mississippi Book Festival.

Attended and workshopped at the Inaugural SOLcon, the first Black and Latino Comic Convention

Founded AFROFUTUREFEST with Afrofuturefest@NYCC, the first black branded collective booth in NYCC history.  Featuring luminaries such as Afua Richardson, Tony Puryear, Rat Ronin Studios, Powersmith Studios, Julie Anderson, Paris Cullins, Alex Simmons, Anthony Pugh and The Museum of Uncut Funk. With fantastic sponsors such as The Schomburg Museum, NorCAL MLK Center, Tiyland Media and Koch Comics Warehouse.

Participated in The Schomburg Museum’s “Unveiling Visions massive Afrofuturism show curated by John Jennings and Reynaldo Anderson.

Had the honor of teaching at The New York Film Academy and Howard University.

Started on a comic collaboration with the Father of Afrofuturism, Samuel R. Delaney.

Completed all art and and saw published Alex Simmons’ BLACKJACK: There Came A Dark Hunter graphic novel.

Did a TEDx Talk via TEDJackson titled ‘Manifesting In The Age of Afrofuturism: The Dieselfunk Way’.

and Finally, Met and delivered Matty’s Rocket to The Godmother of Afrofuturism, Nichelle Nichols aka Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura.

While doing all of this, I have travelled thousands of miles and seen things that inspire the mind and soul.

It’s been an AWESOME YEAR.   I am so immensely grateful for all of the support, motivation from my Family, Friends and Colleagues.  Thank you and Love to you All.  Extra Special Thanks to Mel.  We Gon Git Rapalje!:-)

Now, On to the Next and Back to Work,

Tim Fielder

Dieselfunk Studios