Return of the Cintiq

Greetings DieselFunkateers! Been a Long Frikin Minute since I last updated. Significant upgrades to the studio underway. After months of maneuvering I got an older model 21UX Cintiq. 30 percent speed increase underway:-) Major News upcoming about Matty’s Rocket!

In the meantime I’m finishing up work on a new trailer while my guys play TitanFall


Greetings DieselFunkateers!  Black Kirby intersects with Black Metropolis! I was graced with the presence of “Black Kirby” aka Stacey Robinson and John Jennings,  last night after a long day.  Their advice and company was immeasurable.  AMAZING things will be coming for the Future.  

Greetings DieselFunkateers! Howard University On Deck! I am so Amazingly Blessed. I have the privilege of teaching what I know to the Film Students of the premiere Historically Black University starting today.

Thank you Universe!

Attention DieselFunkateers!  Please go VOTE  before midnight tonight   I’m about to head back to NYC in just a few hours for my 24hour StoryHack VT project. 

Major kudos to Nate Herzog and Kathy Resmer for letting me in the door.  Now although it was a sleep deprived lift to get everything done, it was an even more expansive experiment in working in multiple formats.  Epub, Youtube, and webcomics all on the same IP.  So there’s many areas that can be exploited.  Vermont TechJam and StoryHack VT were both a blast.  I’m looking forward to next year already.  That said, the year still isn’t over.  More wonderful things to come.

Greetings DieselFunkateers!  BlackJack Update.  Production continues.  To expedite production I may need a flatter.  Know anyone?

Ohoy DieselFunkateers!  Paris Cullins Rawks!  NYCC had me being a tablemate with the one Paris Cullins.  I was privileged to tone some of his gorgeous tone paper concept drawings for Alex Simmons’ Young BlackJack.  More to come!