High John 2 – Comatics Cometh

High John 2 – Comatics Cometh



Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  COMATICS!  The Juneteenth (June 19th 2017) Launch Date of HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR is fast coming upon us.  Like any product that enters the market, a user manual is a must to effective engagement with any product.  High John Conqueror is an experiment in Social Media Sequential content.  Although in its heart the story is inspired by comics, it functions differently due to the nature of social networks.


Take a Newspaper Strip (Cartoons that showcase short snippets of narrative on a daily or periodic basis with only a few frames). Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbs


Add in a bit of Storyboard (Sequential images that showcase every shot composition and camera angle from a film script)  Saul Bass boards for Hitchcock’s Psycho.


And mix it all in with an Animatics (Animated Storyboards with motion and/or sound)  Motion Boards for the AVENGERS.


Then you have what I call…

COMATICS:  Stories that bridge the legacy of traditional comics strips blended with film pacing and motion storytelling.


For High John readers and viewers should expect a snippet that moves a story forward incrementally.  We will endeavor to product a high quality product with strong visuals and compelling character development. Check out this example:


Back to it!

High John 1 Dixieland The Old West The Dirty

High John 1 Dixieland The Old West The Dirty

HIGH JOHN 1: Dixieland, The Old West & The Dirty Brush


Greetings Dieselfunkateers.  As the Juneteenth launch date of HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR approaches we are feverishly working to get everything in place. Part of this process involves informing the public of the genesis of this project and what the intentions for the future will be.

Our first post is all about the Art.  I fully concede my work will likely never be in the contemporary style or level of the crosshatching Image guys…sadly.   Hey, we all want to be sexy.  But I have to face facts; I yam what I yam.  Thusly, I LOVE OLD COMICS.  I love the pen and ink work of Harold Raymond, Frank Frazetta, Hal Foster and Burne Hogarth. Those cats had it down.  So my every effort has been to seize control of my brush…albeit digital, and bring as much power and lushness to my work as possible…like those before me.  But in my OWN WAY.


More specifically, High John Conqueror is a HOMAGE  to my love of Western, Crime and Sci-fi comics.

Moebius and Charlier’s Blueberry

Corben’s ‘DEN’

Bernet’s ‘Torpedo 1936′


Steranko’s ‘Chandler’

and last, but absolutely NOT LEAST…David Mazzuchelli’s Rubber Blanket


Now I’m not going to even suggest I’ll be as good as those guys are. But for HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR…That’s the standard for the attempt.


Elektrik Revival Remixing the Black Speculative South

Elektrik Revival Remixing the Black Speculative South

Elektrik Revival: Remixing the Black Speculative South

Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Elektrik Revival: Remixing the Black Speculative South is about to go down!  What the heck is The Black Speculative South?  In layman’s terms; When a bunch of brother and sisters below the mason dixon take flight, horror, joy, pain, and spaceships to a mystical place called the TRAP, or the Dirty South, or the Cosmic Delta.

It’s all on with artists featuring mastermind John Jennings, David Brame, Stacey Robinson, Frances Liddell, Sole Rebel, Alex Batchelor, Madeline Bergman, Avy Jetterat and yours truly, Tim Fielder.

It all goes down at Harvard University’s Hutchins Center floor 3R! 4-6pm!!


Matty In BAX 2016

Matty In BAX 2016




Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  BAX 2016: Best American Experimental Writing Imagine the surprise when approached by BAX 2016 Best American Experimental Writing.  Well it happened, and we’ve just received our copy in the mail.  This literary volume, featuring the best in poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction was expertly edited by Seth Abramson, Charles Bernstein and Tracie Morris.  Notable participants include President Barack Obama, Myung Mi Kim and Samuel R Delany amongst many others.  I mean, if you’re  gonna keep company, that ain’t bad company.  http://bax.site.wesleyan.edu/

Buy your copy here.  https://www.amazon.com/BAX-2016-American-Experimental-Writing/dp/0819576743/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


NY Times: Black Metropolis & Mattys Rocket

NY Times: Black Metropolis & Mattys Rocket


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!   Over the last 7 months an awesome amount of work was done by writer goddess Ruth La Ferla on the subject of Afrofuturism in The NEW YORK TIMES article titled

Afrofuturism: The Next Generation


Covered within the article is my one man show, BLACK METROPOLIS:  30 Years of Afrofuturism, Comics, Music, Animation,  Decapitated Chickens, Heroes, Villains, and, and Negroes.   and my retro-afrofuturism comic, Matty’s Rocket!

As I have been a participant of the form for over 30 years, it is indeed a moving emotion that comes to bear.  BLACK METROPOLIS, and MATTY’S ROCKET represents my particular take on the depiction of black culture within a technological and socially expansive based Past, Present, and FUTURE of WHO and WHAT WE ARE.

Expect MORE NEWS to come over the coming days with a behind the scenes expose on Black Metropolis, Matty’s Rocket, Afrofuturism, Dieselfunk, Dieselfunk Studios, INFINITUM, The Dieselfunk Store, and The Black Speculative Arts Movement.

I want to thank Ruth La Ferla, Boston Fielder, Ed Marshall Photography, Richardine Bartee, Genesis Rivera, Sabaah Folayan, Reynaldo Anderson, Angelica Rogers, Keith Miller, Meredith Theeman, Liza Jesse Peterson, John Jennings, Stacey Robinson and last but most certainly not least, My FAMILY.

Black Speculative Arts Movement

Black Speculative Arts Movement



Greetings Dieselfunkateers!   The BLACK SPECULATIVE ARTS MOVEMENT arrives TODAY in Philadelphia, PA , the City of Brotherly Love.  Today there is an awesome signing :

BSAM and CHILL w/ Black Tribbles 

Friday November 11 2016

Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc.  

2578 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125
9p-midnight / $5 Cover

I’ll be present on Saturday conducting a Black Comics Workshop as well as participating in a Panel later in the day.  CHECK IT!   


BSAM Convention 

Shepherded by Maestros Reynaldo Anderson and Maia Crown Williams, the main event takes place…
Saturday, November 12, 2016

#BSAMphilly2016, GLADFELTER HALL, Temple University
Saturday, Nov12, 2016