WINC: Exploring the Forum & Format of Comics

WINC: Exploring the Forum & Format of Comics

Greetings Dieselfunkateers!

Lo and Behold.  Women In Comics Convention TODAY! at the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.  I had to come up for air for a second from working hard on INFINITUM.  I was asked by Supah Sistah Supreme, Regine Sawyer, Founder of Women IN Comics, to moderate an AWESOME panel titled:

Exploring the Forum & Format of Comics

Comics are going through disruptive change with the ever present nature of more advanced technologies. This panel investigates the different forums of showcase, consumption, and distribution of the comicbook medium. Panelist will also cover how these elements can be covered in an educational context within the physical and virtual learning environments.

Participants are:

Micheline Hess (Artist: Malice In Ovenland)

Marguerite Dabaie (Artist/Writer: THE HOOKAH GIRL AND OTHER TRUE STORIES

Clairesa Clay (Scholar and Founder of Blerd City)

Mia Charlene White (Assistant Professor at The New School for Social Research

Greg Anderson Elysée (Writer: Is’nana The Were Spider)

Shawn Martinbrough (Artist: Luke Cage Noir, Thief of Thieves, Shadowman)

And of course moderated by Tim Fielder (Writer/Artist: Matty’s Rocket)

Brooklyn Public Library is an approved Sponsor of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) in New York State. At the close of the workshop, attendees with be issued a certificate for 1 hour of CTLE credit.

TODAY: June 30 2018, 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM  Brooklyn Public Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA


Dieselfunk Dispatch Comics Distribution

Dieselfunk Dispatch Comics Distribution

Greetings Dieselfunkateers! The Dispatch is BACK! We are presently on the perpetual Matty’s Rocket Book Tour in California.  It never really ends folks. Of course the Dieselfunk Dispatch continues. This time giving our breakdown on what makes up the Comic industry. I mean, you got your run of the mill floppies from the big majors and indie varieties, your thick ol graphic novels, and your prestigious format thingies. It’s enough to make a mug question just what is the Comic Book Industry? For the artists it means one thing, but for the publisher it means something altogether. Add in the digital disruption with distribution it makes for quite a tale. The Dieselfunk Dispatch goes in relatively deep, but simple enough for the regular reader to get an idea of how it goes down.

Check it out HERE  

Dieselfunk Dispatch: An Overview of Comics Distribution Channels

In the meantime I’ll go back down into the dungeon to get to work…:-)

Dieselfunk Studios Presents:  MATTY’S ROCKET BOOK 1

Dieselfunk Studios Presents: MATTY’S ROCKET BOOK 1

Greetings Dieselfunkateers! Tim Fielder here. It is my distinct pleasure, and the pleasure of the Dieselfunk Studios team to present MATTY’S ROCKET BOOK ONE.

This book has been a labor of love that I have wanted to do for many decades. Each panel has been painstakingly painted and composed. Each line of dialogue and concept design has been lovingly attended to. This book collects the stories of Matty’s Rocket 1-3 with a few narrative surprises, tons of extra content, and guest contributors.I gave it everything I had.  I hope you feel the heart and love that went into it as well.  For the individual issues and the Graphic Novel go to:

I call it Bande DessiNoir.  More on this later…

Speaking of Guest Contributors. The most sincere THANKS to:
Junot Díaz,
Valarie Boyd,
John Jennings,
Andre Peltier,
Kat Fajardo,
David Brame,
Sharon Lee De La Cruz,
James Mason,
Barbara Brandon-Croft,
Dawud Anyabwile,
and the woman who gave me my start in the biz, Joyce Brabner.

This book wouldn’t exist without your contributions.










Warmest Regards, and ENJOY!

Tim Fielder
Creator of Matty’s Rocket

Finally, For the individual issues and Graphic Novel go to:

High John Conqueror Now On The Dieselfunk Show

High John Conqueror Now On The Dieselfunk Show


Greetings Dieselfunkateers, This will be a quick post.  As stated before we are in constant reassessment of what needs to be done to make our initiatives work.  We stated in our last journal entry that High John Conqueror would be folded into The Dieselfunk Show (TDFS).  Why?  from a perspective of BRANDING, VIEWS, CONTENT, and ATTENTION; the fact is, TDFS captures more mindshare than High John Conqueror.  However, High John Conqueror provides added value for The Dieselfunk Show.  So all of the experts we’ve consulted with have stated CONSOLIDATE.

But you know me.  I then began to debate about whether or not it would be a gradual transition or just immediately begin airing High John from the next episode 8 on alternate days between TDFS.  Our Decision:  because High John is only a few episodes in we will start it over for all of TDFS subscribers who haven’t seen it.  It’s gonna hurt but..


With that, Standby for  High John Conqueror, NOW on The DIESELFUNK SHOW.  

Studio Visceral

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High John Conqueror Chp 1 Portalis Sanctorum

High John Conqueror Chp 1 Portalis Sanctorum

High John Conqueror Chp 1:  Portalis Sanctorum



Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  HAPPY JUNETEENTH DAY!  You know, I choose Juneteenth for a reason.  This Day represents the End of Slavery in the United States…and the liberation of Million of Souls to strive to reach the Stars.  For me personally, High John Conqueror is an attempt to reach further by innovating in a new form while paying homage to what came before.  


At Long Last,  Dieselfunk Studios’ Social Media Comic Experiment High John Conqueror is upon us. OUR STORY WILL BE UPDATING IN SMALL INCREMENTS 2-3 DAYS PER WEEK ON:




Our Story begins in the final days of The Civil War…BUCKLE UP!


Studio Visceral

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High John 1 Dixieland The Old West The Dirty

High John 1 Dixieland The Old West The Dirty

HIGH JOHN 1: Dixieland, The Old West & The Dirty Brush


Greetings Dieselfunkateers.  As the Juneteenth launch date of HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR approaches we are feverishly working to get everything in place. Part of this process involves informing the public of the genesis of this project and what the intentions for the future will be.

Our first post is all about the Art.  I fully concede my work will likely never be in the contemporary style or level of the crosshatching Image guys…sadly.   Hey, we all want to be sexy.  But I have to face facts; I yam what I yam.  Thusly, I LOVE OLD COMICS.  I love the pen and ink work of Harold Raymond, Frank Frazetta, Hal Foster and Burne Hogarth. Those cats had it down.  So my every effort has been to seize control of my brush…albeit digital, and bring as much power and lushness to my work as possible…like those before me.  But in my OWN WAY.


More specifically, High John Conqueror is a HOMAGE  to my love of Western, Crime and Sci-fi comics.

Moebius and Charlier’s Blueberry

Corben’s ‘DEN’

Bernet’s ‘Torpedo 1936′


Steranko’s ‘Chandler’

and last, but absolutely NOT LEAST…David Mazzuchelli’s Rubber Blanket


Now I’m not going to even suggest I’ll be as good as those guys are. But for HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR…That’s the standard for the attempt.


Studio Visceral

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