Launching On Juneteenth High John Conqueror

Launching On Juneteenth High John Conqueror

Launching on Juneteenth.  HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  ANNOUNCING the newest Dieselfunk Studios Bang UP.  A FREE Social Media Graphic Novel…


As stated in earlier posts, Dieselfunk Studios has been doing a from the ground up retooling of our operations.  Part of running a company is about doing a constant reassessment of opportunities and reality.  What does that mean?  Well it means that the tried and true, Matty’s Rocket, will continue and Issue 3 will be available for purchase any day now.  However, Matty is not all we’ve got in the arsenal.  Next up is HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR.

HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR is a Retro-Afrofuturistic tale by TIm Fielder of Dieselfunk Studios. The concept is loosely based on the African American folk myth of John The Conqueror.  Have you ever wanted to see a brother throwing down in a genre mashup like Doc Savage?!  Blending the genres of Sword and Soul, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Alternative History and Steampunk/Steamfunk; High John Conqueror is a homage to the works of Charles Saunders (IMARO), Richard Corben (DEN) Robert E Howard (CONAN), Alex Simmons’ (BLACKJACK), George Lucas (STAR WARS), Will Eisner (THE SPIRIT) and many other Pulp Heroes of yesteryear.  


Take a Western, Jules Verne, Star Wars and Glory, mix them together and you’ve got HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR!

Further, High John Conqueror is a Social Media Graphic Novel.  This is an experiment to see if the present 3-4 Billion users of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter WILL GET INTO A FREE COMIC THAT COMES TO THEM, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. (More on that as we go along!:-)

Additionally, expect to see a more modern delivery of content via our in the works vlog, presently being constructed printing operation and of course, our soon to air Youtube program’ The Dieselfunk Show.  Standby for further news and announcements!

BACK TO IT with an AXE to Grind!

Urban Showgun Roundhouse

Urban Showgun Roundhouse

URBAN SHOWGUN ROUNDHOUSE!  Greetings Dieselfunkateers!   Work has been busily moving along in the studio.  Multiple projects are underway. AFROFUTUREFEST 2016, MATTY’S ROCKET 3, PRISON CITY, It goes on and on to the Break of Dawn.   But as always, I try to take a few hours when I get a chance to continue my Black Comics Project.  We’ve done a bit of Ajala, and Blackjack.  This time out is Brother James Mason of the ATL’s URBAN SHOGUN.

Back to work for a Brother!



NIGHTHAWK.  Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  It’s been hard work in the studio the last few weeks.  So had to take a break from outstanding projects with a bit of sugary distraction with David Walker and Ramon Villalobos’, NIghthawk.  Coming up in the next few weeks we’ll have Matty’s Rocket at EAST COAST COMICON (April 11-12), KIDSCOMICON (April 23rd) and possibly a special visit to a special school.  Also, next month we’ll have The BLACK SPECULATIVE ARTS MOVEMENT (MAY 6-7) and the long awaited introduction of BLACK METROPOLIS.  More on that as we get closer.

Back to it!

Dieselfunk 2015 Year in Review

Dieselfunk 2015 Year in Review


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  I’ll be brief as even on New Years Eve the work doesn’t stop.  Who’d have thought that within 1 Year after making the plunge into Publishing Comic Books I would have;

Published Matty’s Rocket the Comic Series and premiered it at the 3rd Annual Schomburg Black Comic Festival.

Attended and showcased at the Inaugural Black Comic Arts Festival in San Francisco.

Taught Dieselfunk Comic book workshops as far away as the Mississippi Delta to Mountains of Aspen, Colorado.

Was nominated for 4 Glyph Awards for Matty’s Rocket.

Did the first Mississippi Madness Dieselfunk Book Tour.

Attended Conventions such as ECBACC,  Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, New Jersey Shore Comicon, East Cost Comicon, Awesome Con and the Baltimore Comicon.

Paneled at the First Inaugural Mississippi Book Festival.

Attended and workshopped at the Inaugural SOLcon, the first Black and Latino Comic Convention

Founded AFROFUTUREFEST with Afrofuturefest@NYCC, the first black branded collective booth in NYCC history.  Featuring luminaries such as Afua Richardson, Tony Puryear, Rat Ronin Studios, Powersmith Studios, Julie Anderson, Paris Cullins, Alex Simmons, Anthony Pugh and The Museum of Uncut Funk. With fantastic sponsors such as The Schomburg Museum, NorCAL MLK Center, Tiyland Media and Koch Comics Warehouse.

Participated in The Schomburg Museum’s “Unveiling Visions massive Afrofuturism show curated by John Jennings and Reynaldo Anderson.

Had the honor of teaching at The New York Film Academy and Howard University.

Started on a comic collaboration with the Father of Afrofuturism, Samuel R. Delaney.

Completed all art and and saw published Alex Simmons’ BLACKJACK: There Came A Dark Hunter graphic novel.

Did a TEDx Talk via TEDJackson titled ‘Manifesting In The Age of Afrofuturism: The Dieselfunk Way’.

and Finally, Met and delivered Matty’s Rocket to The Godmother of Afrofuturism, Nichelle Nichols aka Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura.

While doing all of this, I have travelled thousands of miles and seen things that inspire the mind and soul.

It’s been an AWESOME YEAR.   I am so immensely grateful for all of the support, motivation from my Family, Friends and Colleagues.  Thank you and Love to you All.  Extra Special Thanks to Mel.  We Gon Git Rapalje!:-)

Now, On to the Next and Back to Work,

Tim Fielder

Dieselfunk Studios