by | Mar 26, 2016

ICON.  Geetings Dieselfunkateers!  As I am finishing out my career retrospective book ‘Black Metropolis’, I’ve had to look through tons of unpublished work that may or may not make the final curated cut.  I never was known for doing much Superhero stuff although, let’s be REAL, we all really want to.  But like most brothers and sisters back in the mid-90s I tried my hand at a run for Milestone Media.  If I recall I think the story I wrote was Augustus Freeman thwarts a robbery by a Gold exchange.  I long ago lost the script as we were using…dig it…floppy disks back then.  Didn’t make the cut and the industry all but died at that point so no matter.  But what the hell, the internets allow for one to share work that would normally never be seen.  Okay, back to work on Matty 3Samuel R Delany’s PUSHERS, Black Kirby’s The UNKILLABLE BUCK and last but not least, the David Walker Collab.

What’s OLD is NEW again.  RIP VAN WINKLE Indeedydo!:-)

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