Always Bet On Blackjack!

by | Nov 20, 2015

Always Bet On Blackjack!  Greeting Dieselfunkateers!  The Blackjack 21 Hours to Freedom SALE IS HERE.  From Midnight Friday (11/20) to Saturday, 9 PM (11/22), the Kindle version of Alex Simmons’ new graphic novel, “Blackjack There Came A Dark Hunter’ illustrated by Tim Fielder is FREE!

Here’s a personal message from Alex:  That’s 21 hours of FREEdom! So at midnight tonight, CLICK HERE and get yours! Take advantage of this limited offer, and spread the word!!!  Artist Tim Fielder and I are really excited about this, and we want to thank you for being part of it!  Don’t forget, midnight November 11/20 until 9 PM Saturday November 21, 21 hours of Blackjack There Came A Dark Hunter for FREE!


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Best to you all,

Alex Simmons 

Studio Visceral

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