Aspen Words Dieselfunk ComicBook workshop

by | Aug 3, 2015

It was an AWESOME CLOSING EVENT at Aspen Words Dieselfunk ComicBook workshop. GREETINGS DIESELFUNKATEERS! Everything was absolutely wonderful!   Special thanks to Aspen Words honchos, Mo Lamee, Nicole Stanton and the wonderfully wise Patty Fox!  Extra Special Thanks to Renee Prince, who had the ambition to do the workshop. With that please view the online COMICS of the Aspen Words Generation Artists.  The Graphic Novelists are:  Max Kungli, Aasiyah Berhane, Ivy  Durand, Jaime (Jimmy) Romano, Roxana Montoya, Mikaela Kibel, Jaclyn Harris, Christopher Rising, Vicente Lagarrigue, Anders Pomeroy, Justice Bouchet, Sam Elice, Eva Pearson and Levi Roeser!  LEGION!!!  I Love you Dearly MEL!

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