TEDx Jackson DONE!

by | Nov 15, 2015

TEDxJackson DONE! Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  TEDx was Amazing.  I’ve met so many great people and generated much art over the last 5 days.  The talk itself went amazingly well.  After a bit of networking with fellow TEDx’ers the trip culminated with an incredible series of comicbook workshops and a live comicbook art performance.  So it wasn’t all play.  In total, a 28 page breakdown for “Ronnie and the Golem God” and a 9 page story called “Railside Assault” was produced in collaboration with DJ Venom.  Daddy had to WORK!  Extra Special thanks to Dave Pharr, Alissa Joseph, Lisa Joy Potts, Nina Parikh, Joy Parikh, Pam Shaw,  Tim Mask, Lucky Town Brewery, and the illustrious DJ Venom of Offbeat.  We Will be Back!

Next UP:   Samuel R. Delany’s Pushers.  Matty’s Rocket 2 and 3!

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