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by | Jun 18, 2015

DIESELFUNK EDU  GREETINGS DIESELFUNKATEERS!  Announcing DIESELFUNK EDU!  Lecturing, Workshops, Instruction, Demos, Presentations is what we do!  https://dieselfunk.com/edu

We are coming in to a finish on our visual arts projects within days if not hours. But our efforts are even more dynamic. We just did a Lecture at the Prestigious New York University.  Very shortly we will be going to conduct a Dieselfunk comicbook workshop in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  This is done under the banner of Dieselfunk EDU.  Dieselfunk EDU is the educational and academic wing of Dieselfunk Studios. We specialize in providing workshops, lectures, hardware/software demos, and instructional services.  We work both independently and in collaboration with institutions with concurrent goals.  Our clients run the age and experience from Children, Teens, College students and Adults attending varied Educational and Entertainment institutions.  Led by Tim Fielder, Dieselfunk EDU strives to engage,  train and entertain audiences far and wide.

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