Matty’s Rocket

Matty Postcard

Matty’s Rocket is a galaxy spanning tale about the adventures of space pilot Matty Watty. This series is based in an alternative past where the pulp stylings of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis collide with the real world events of World War 2, FDR, Nazis, the Harlem Renaissance and the oppressive Jim Crow era, Watch as Matty navigates her vessel through a dangerous world filled with evil villains, heroic feats, alien oddities and down home adventure.

Ready To Launch!

Cast: Matty Watty: Hailing from the rural Mississippi Delta, Matty is a very strong young black woman with the charm and beauty of the girl next door. Through her ability to be forthright, honest, and hardworking she manages to get her space pilots license and eventually her own rocket ship. Of course this doesn’t come without stress, as can be seen by her prematurely grey hair.

Studio Visceral

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