Alexander Simmon’s Blackjack Wins!

by | May 21, 2016


Greetings Dieselfunkateers! Today we knock out two birds with one stone.  Firstly, I want to congratulate my colleague and partner Alexander Simmons for our win last night for East Coast Black Age of Comics Conventions’  GLYPH AWARD  for ‘Best Male Character’. The GLYPH celebrates comics created by and about people of color.  A real honor for this WIN.  I want to congratulate all of the winners at last night’s event.  Producing Blackjack: There Came A Dark Hunter was a Labor of Love.  Secondly, I was so happy that I wanted to add another entry into my monthly Black Comics Character series of paintings.  Last time we did AJALA. This time I wanted to depict Arron Day ‘aka’ Blackjack,  in an impossibly physical scenario that came to me during a sketch at the Black Speculative Movement event earlier this month.

We are closing out on the installation of my career retrospective show Black Metropolis: 30 Years of Afrofuturism, Comics, Music, Animation, Decapitated Chickens, Heroes, Villains, and Negroes. which runs from May 23-30th.  Reception May 26th 5pm-7pm.  The Gallatin Galleries 1 Washington Place 10002

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