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It’s Official!:  Tim Fielder, creator of Matty’s Rocket will be doing a signing at: Earth Prime Comics. 154 Church Street. Burlington, Vermont 05401. Saturday August 17, 2013. 12 noon-2:00pm. COME BY! GREET! MEET!...

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Salty Popcorn, Coffee, Mosquitoes, Family, and Friends.

Hello All. I’m presently in the rolling green hills and latte laden valleys of Vermont.  I try to make it once or twice every year to continue building my relationships as well as investigating more opportunities for my work.  I arrived off the road and almost...

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Hey there Folks.  I’ve been working hard on multiple projects for a bit.  Some of them I won’t share every detail.  In that process however I’m always trying to devise different ways of drawing.  My reputation within illustration, such as...

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Here we go folks.  Matty’s Rocket Chapter One:  ASSAULT OF THE FLYING SAUCERS has gone LIVE.   Expect an update every few days.  “Mattys Rocket” Copyright © 2013 BIGHEAD SCIENTISTS

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Hey Everybody, Figured it was time to massively update my personal/professional website featuring old and new work. I hope it demonstrates a nice range of styles and techniques. http://timfielder.com/

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PACIFIC RIM.  I Loved it.  The absolute pure homage to giant monster and giant robot movies was a joy to behold.  The Garish colors, military hardware, Idris “WE ARE CANCELLIN’ THE APOCALYPSE” Elba!, a nice upswing for summer movies.  After...

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