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Only In Harlem

So My sons and I get super excited to go see PACIFIC RIM.  We get to MJ’s in Harlem, excited for the big showdown. Purchased tickets online, check.  Coupon for Popcorn, check.  Arrive with plenty of time…screening cancelled.  Turns out a church had leased...

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Hello All.  Had the pleasure recently of attending BronxHeroes con setup by Mr. Ray Felix.  It was a great time.  I was interviewed by Sugarcane and it turned out great.  Take a gander http://www.sugarcayne.com/tag/tim-fielder/

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Hey there Boys and Girls.  Never had a blog really before.  Well, at least one that functioned worth a damn.  I figure I’d start doing it consistently with this Tumblr thing.  Wordpress…AIN’T…easy:-)   This blog will feature my...

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