Walkman Sin City

Walkman Sin City




Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  A quick post.  Work continues on projects as I progressively focus to improve in multiple areas, specifically INKING.  Over the weeks I was reminded of this project I did way back in 1988 for a Hunter College student Newspaper called The Shield.  My editors, starting with Mary Kay Penn, and Carol Webster, allowed me to do my thing in a project titled “WALKMAN”.  I tackled the ideas of race and misrepresentation in the late 80s NYC.  I wanted to do something cool visually and thought of this art style that would be a blend between Bourne Hogarth’s silhouette ink style, Wally Wood, Spain Rodriguez and R Crumb.  After 4 episodes of Walkman I moved on to other things but always felt I would use that art style again.

But then Frank Miller did Sin City.  It’s not who does i first.  It’s who delivers to market first.  HA!

Or at least that was my thought as a younger dude.  Now, I wear Dad jeans without shame (I think I own Dad jeans:-)  So decided to take a stab in a bit of reverse engineering…with MARV

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