Black Metropolis Dispatch Day 1

Black Metropolis Dispatch Day 1

BLACK METROPOLIS DISPATCH DAY 1.  Greetings Dieselfunkateers!.  The first day of Black Metropolis: 30 Years of Afrofuturism, Comics, Music, Animation, Decapitated Chickens, Heroes, Villains, and Negroes is DONE. 

We had a few folks stop by and take a gander at the work.  Notable visits from Alexander Simmons, creator of Blackjack.  Also had the pleasure of seeing Earl Douglas of The Black Rock Coalition viewing Ancient BRC History.  

I will be drawing every day at the show till the last day.  If you stop by and I’m in the mood, I’ll draw YOU!:-)  In the coming days I will be presenting snippets not only from the show, but from in progress projects.

Mind Blowing Mode:  ACTIVATE!

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