Schomburg Approacheth! Matty’s Rocket 2018 Calendar

Schomburg Approacheth! Matty’s Rocket 2018 Calendar

Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  The Schomburg Black Comic Book Day happens this coming weekend.  Part of life is a continual assessment of one’s goals.  We rate, compare, retool, and strategize steps based upon our past , present and future.  Our present thought, based upon past experience: No company can survive without content in the present and future. Thusly, right out the gate, Dieselfunk Studios is committed to DELIVERING PRODUCT, no matter how large or small.

ANNOUNCING: Matty’s Rocket 2018 Art Calendar.   Keep your daily and monthly schedule while viewing wonderfully painted spaceships and world building to enjoy along the way.  Premiering at The 2018 Schomburg Black Comic Book Day January 12-13th.

I’ve always loved the fully painted Calendars of the early to mid 20th Century.  Whether the subjects ranged from naval, aeronautics, or Santa drinking a coke, I respect the craft and detail that each artist put into the work.  Further, such a product extends the world-building of the primary Matty’s Rocket Story.

Consider the month of January:  Matty pilots her Strato-capsule into Earth Orbit.

Or perhaps, June: Duke, the famed Jazz composer, comes to the Harlem Sector’s Apollo Pavilion.  What sort of ride would Duke fly in look like? (Closeup below)  Check out the Matty’s Rocket 2018 Calendar to see. 


Matty’s Rocket 2018 Art Calendar HERE

Matty’s Rocket: Book One HERE

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2 Billion Eyeballs Dieselfunk Journal 1

2 Billion Eyeballs Dieselfunk Journal 1


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  The last week was a MASSIVE WEEK for Dieselfunk Studios.  High John Conqueror and The Dieselfunk Show have now premiered.  We have now moved on to the intricate and long term work of building a brand, audience, and market for our content.


I’ve kept a Journal for decades and used to writing down the occasional thought towards processing events.  It’s been a very useful exercise.  To that end, I’ve decided to take some time to write down my ideas on comics, media, and the REALITY that is the INTERNET.  We’ll call it say; THE DIESELFUNK JOURNAL.  I’m sure there are far more knowledgable and experienced folks in this area than I.  So if what I’m stating is old hat or irrelevant then simply ignore me.

In REAL NUMBERS, the mainstream comic book readership maxes out at 100-200 thousand readers give or take a few thousand. Spread proportionally over the level of strength and size of each publisher, access becomes a matter of life..and more often…Death.

So how does the one man/woman or independent shop, like DIESELFUNK STUDIOS, get in the game?  Not just the comic game, but the game that goes beyond that.  Well that’s what this journal series will be about.  We will investigate a lot, learn a lot, make mistakes…A LOT, and hopefully have the occasional bout of SUCCESS, a LOT:-)

Lets begin with the Thesis:  IFYOUTUBE has over 1 Billion users,   INSTAGRAM is at 7 Million users (pushing to reach 1 Billion by the end of the year), Facebook is virtually at 2 BILLION USERS!, and other networks are massive as well, would it not make more sense to GO ALL IN ON COMICS EXCLUSIVELY IN SOCIAL MEDIA.  Completely different Paradigm Right?


Of course,  there’s that sticky QUALITY, DISTRIBUTION, and MONETIZATION thingy…:-)

More thoughts to Come…

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