Mattys Rocketeer To The Big Screen

Mattys Rocketeer To The Big Screen


Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Matty’s Rocket is headed to the BIG SCREEN.  Wait a minute?  It’s actually the late comic master Dave Stevens’ The ROCKETEER headed for a movie reboot, with a Sister in the lead!  Either way, I know it’s based on the comics its gonna be GREAT!

Very quick note for the record.  Bog Iger is a BRILLIANT CEO.  Known for guiding Disney to heights unseen.  I study the way he has managed Disney through the PIXAR/LUCASFILM AND MARVEL eras.  Most impressive was his technique of sorting out the tension between Steve Jobs due to the former Disney CEOs reign.  Well Sir, I got an IP, just as good asThe ROCKETEER!  And…Best of all, I got 15 episodes of written storyline, and 8 episodes of full storyboards with concept designs and character work.  Why remake the wheel man.  I LOVE DISNEY, and LUCASFILM, (Heck I’m doing what I do because of what George Lucas did.)

Give me a call MR. IGER!:-)  

Special Thanks and shoutout to Tatiana of The Fanbros for the headsup.  

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