Dieselfunk Website Relaunch ACTIVATE!

Dieselfunk Website Relaunch ACTIVATE!

GREETINGS DIESELFUNKATEERS!   WEBSITE RELAUNCH!  As those that know can attest, I have many initiatives that I undertake.  We are believers that if mugs see something, it’s REAL to them.  We apply this philosophy towards presenting our work in the best possible light.  Perfection is not the goal. Iterative Improvement is the goal.  After months of planning we have relaunched the Dieselfunk Studios website. 


Some elements look the same while other sections are brand new.  Plus we’ve added some elements under the hood.  Quick features are a nice social media feed to always ensure that there is new content on the site.  Additionally, there are new project pages for Matty’s Rocket, and our up and coming release, INFINITUM.  More updates and tweaks will be coming as the days and weeks go on.



We have had the pleasure of working with Webmaster David M. Littlefield, aka DMLWORX to construct a site that very much employs the ‘Dieselfunkcosphere’ idea that all things Dieselfunk must be integrated and accessible.  He has experience in many areas of design, web creation and virtual experience.  Just a few samples of work he’s done…



If you need webdesign, this cat is a viable option.  As a personal endorsement, Dmlworx built my first website back in 2001.  Plus he’s a hell of an INSTAGRAM PHOTOGRAPHER! So there you go!


DIESELFUNK STUDIOS, www.dieselfunk.com