Comixcast RNC Done!

Comixcast RNC Done!

COMIXCAST RNC DONE!   Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  The Dieselfunk Crew has shut down operations in Cleveland as we prepare to head back to the studio.  Our final day was spent interviewing Entrepreneur, Artist, and Activist Ra Washington, owner of GUIDE TO KULCHUR.

numerous members of the Comixcast Crew,

and finally, the Mastermind of COMIXCAST


I’m so very, very PROUD of Joyce as her vision towards creating an inclusive, socially engaged Incubator for cartoonists of all backgrounds was an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS.

As it stands, COMIXCAST provided the opportunity to:  1.  Provide a compelling Visual in the fight against Oppression.  2.  Give many old head cartoonists an opportunity to re-engage in the larger discussion with their Art.  3.  Give an Awesome start to young cartoonists.  4.  Creative dynamic content that bridges and transcends the analog media and blasts into the virtual media. 5.  Create the space to give life to a new form of cartooning…GLOGGING.  and finally,   6.  Allow me and my Twin Brother to create an Excitingly NEW creative venture…The Dieselfunk Glog.

Next UP… DNC Philly!

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