Markus Prime: The FanBros Experience

Markus Prime: The FanBros Experience

MARKUS PRIME: The FANBROS Experience. Greetings Dieselfunkateers! From time to time it helps to get out and recharge the visual batteries. One such way is experiencing the art of other artists. Case in Point;

Markus Prime’s B. R. U. H.

This event, put on by the world famous Fanbros at Brooklyn’s MoCADA Museum featured an In depth interview, signing, and Art showcase with an ARTIST for the Ages.

B. R. U. H. Indeed.

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Afrofuturefest @ NYCC

Afrofuturefest @ NYCC

Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  ). Afrofuturefest@NYCC was a HISTORIC RESOUNDING SUCCESS. My NYCC experience has just come somewhat to a close.  I humped the last equipment and materials to their final destinations last night.   Before jumping into my regular news I wanted to take a moment to write a necessary document and thank a few individuals.  Apologies in advance if I left anyone out.

Tony; My Brother. Thank you for your council and steady path. I look at you as an inspiration and realistic guide as to how one should conduct themselves as a professional, leader and bucket load of humor. Thanks Erika for letting him come to NYC.  As it pertains to Afrofuturefest I’ve no problem with playing the Sundance role:-)

Karama; My Sister.  What you call “Cray” is in fact kinetic energy and spiritual action in effect. As long as this very rare power that you have is harnessed towards the heart, the World will be made a better place. Let me state for the record, you are a Genius. Never let anyone tell you different.

Marc; My Brother and co-Guinea Pig. For 20 years it has been and will continue to be a goal of continual refinement, analysis and applicable action.  Thank you for your friendship.  But you know the drill. We continue on.

Alex; My Brother. Thank you for letting me play with your absolutely game changing creation. Husband, Father, Creator; you have blazed a pioneering trail in all of these areas.  I follow your example in more ways than you can imagine.

Loreen, Pam; My Sisters.  Thank you for saying YES. Your flexibility and ability to find a way make things happen; Staggeringly motivating.  Feel more than confident that we are not even close to being done. Butterfly!

Keith, Chuck, Richard; My Brothers. A lethal combination of the intersections of visual, written and organizational brotherhood.  We are contemporaries. As there is strength in numbers pass that shotgun so I can ride flank dudes:-)

Julie; My Sister.  Of course many have known of your work for some time due to your advanced visual skill set.  That said,  It was an absolute Joy and privilege to see you rise into the Limelight,  You a Star Girl!…and I gotta get me summa those kicks:-)

Anthony, My Brother. Young blood with a heart of passion and brush of Destruction. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and gung-ho mode of working. Thanks for making an old foggy get back up on the horse again.

Paris; MY Brother.  I have continued to pay attention to everything you say.  Your wise council and ability to decode systems of distribution, sales, customer fulfillment, both verbally and physically, provide the path.  I am in awe of your energy (Sure you must realize I am imitating you by now), and supreme FOCUS.  And thanks for taking me to the publishers.  Hey, Denise!  Btw, Marcus Arena LIVES.

Carl and Shawn; My Brothers.  You are veterans of this “Black” indie thing.  You know the score and the drill.  You accepted my crazy ASK to be involved in this project.  You might not remember, You both tabled right next to me at my first vendor event (KCC).  When I had to consider whom to ask, you were both obvious choices because this thing is a long term gig.  Hand me one of those Uzi’s Gentlemen.

Afua; My Sister and the undisputed Goddess.  I can only imagine how you are coping with the level of attention, demands and lobbying for your time.  You simply did not have to do this.  But, that’s what STARS do.  Always professional, always of good cheer…although shy…but ready to Rock that Wonderwoman Top at the Drop of a Hat Mama.  You are a Model not only for the young sisters out there doing their thing, but also for us brothers too.  With that guy you got there by your side, We truly follow your Lead.

Special Thanks to John Jennings, Stacey Robinson (Blast! those Black Kirby Guys!!), David Walker, Eric Battle, N Steven, Rob Garrett, Naseed Gifted, Shawn Martinbrough, Joe Illidge, Jiba, Quinn McGowan, Diallo Jackson, Ed Prince, Micheline Hess, Sha-Nee Williams, Regine Sawyer, Brother Eric Dean Seaton, Greg Dae, David Elliot, and Hamlet Machine.  Joyce Brabner.  The SOLCON Crew.  Retailers, Tony Cade, Imani Lateef, Renee Cooper, Tanya Woods, Terry Spaceghost Gant, Maia Crown Williams and Ariell Johnson (I want some coffee with my comics:-), Afrofuturefest would not have been known about without the stunning attention of Jamie Broadnax, Tatiana, The Fan Bros, Al Cayne, George Carmona, Tribbles (I love em All), To the Always supportive Harold Bucholtz and amazing Tarra Rhymes and the Ladies of YoungLites! Renee Prince of Aspen Words . My good Friend David Littlefield, Luke Howard, Amber Westbrook, the Always ride or die Kore Dae, Mark Holloway, Kadija George, Dorothea Smatt, Andre Peltier, Therese Workman Paul Gans, and Reginald Borgella. Keep Manifesting Ashley Woods.

Extra Special Thanks to Our Sponsors; The Schomburg Museum (under the direction of The Afrofuturist Patron, Deirdre Hollman), The Museum of Uncut Funk/Vintage Black Heroes, Tiyland Media, Concrete Park, and the Amazing patronage of NorcalMLK/BCAF (those West Coast Cats Aaron Grizzel, and there he is again, John Jennings:-)

Always grateful and honored to be associated with the White Guy who made my crazy idea possible, Mr. Joseph P Koch:  HONORARY BLACKMAN:-)

To My Family.  Jim (for allowing Afrofuturefest to happen though the use of his vehicle, sacrifice of his seat at the table, and for being my twin brother and ace confidant.  My Wife, Melanie.  Baby, all this is for you.  We gon get Rapalje!  To my Brothers, Art, and Boston (This is obviously UrbAlt following your Lead man).  Mom and Dad, thanks for giving me the greatest Family a man could ever ask for.  Mother-In-Law Carmelite Goodreaux and Sis-in-Law Monica Goodreaux.  Cousin Richard Shaw.  To my Vermont crew where Afrofuturefest was conceived.  And finally,  A LOVE filled Hug for My Children, Jacob, Maximilius and the Illustrious, Johnnie Lee (I LOVE you my Dearest Daughter).  I have been humbled and moved beyond words.

Now on to Regular News. Next on the agenda is this crazy idea I got for a………………….:-)

Studio Visceral

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