High John 1 Dixieland The Old West The Dirty

High John 1 Dixieland The Old West The Dirty

HIGH JOHN 1: Dixieland, The Old West & The Dirty Brush


Greetings Dieselfunkateers.  As the Juneteenth launch date of HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR approaches we are feverishly working to get everything in place. Part of this process involves informing the public of the genesis of this project and what the intentions for the future will be.

Our first post is all about the Art.  I fully concede my work will likely never be in the contemporary style or level of the crosshatching Image guys…sadly.   Hey, we all want to be sexy.  But I have to face facts; I yam what I yam.  Thusly, I LOVE OLD COMICS.  I love the pen and ink work of Harold Raymond, Frank Frazetta, Hal Foster and Burne Hogarth. Those cats had it down.  So my every effort has been to seize control of my brush…albeit digital, and bring as much power and lushness to my work as possible…like those before me.  But in my OWN WAY.


More specifically, High John Conqueror is a HOMAGE  to my love of Western, Crime and Sci-fi comics.

Moebius and Charlier’s Blueberry

Corben’s ‘DEN’

Bernet’s ‘Torpedo 1936′


Steranko’s ‘Chandler’

and last, but absolutely NOT LEAST…David Mazzuchelli’s Rubber Blanket


Now I’m not going to even suggest I’ll be as good as those guys are. But for HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR…That’s the standard for the attempt.


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