Elektrik Revival: Remixing the Black Speculative South

Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  Elektrik Revival: Remixing the Black Speculative South is about to go down!  What the heck is The Black Speculative South?  In layman’s terms; When a bunch of brother and sisters below the mason dixon take flight, horror, joy, pain, and spaceships to a mystical place called the TRAP, or the Dirty South, or the Cosmic Delta.

It’s all on with artists featuring mastermind John Jennings, David Brame, Stacey Robinson, Frances Liddell, Sole Rebel, Alex Batchelor, Madeline Bergman, Avy Jetterat and yours truly, Tim Fielder.

It all goes down at Harvard University’s Hutchins Center floor 3R! 4-6pm!!


Blast Off! Matty Postcard

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