by | Aug 31, 2013

Greeting Dieselfunkateers!    BlackJack:  GOLIATH IS DEAD.   Upcoming One-shot comicbook collaboration between Creator:  Alexander Simmons and Artist:  Tim Fielder.

 I’m presently hard at work not only on Matty’s Rocket but also on some very cool collaborations with artists I greatly respect.  Enter; Stage Right:  Alexander Simmons, creator of Blackjack.   Alex and I both decided it was time to put our brains together and create a story of Arron Day (aka BlackJack) in a classical European City.  The story is tentatively titled “Goliath Is Dead”.  We anticipate it being previewed at this years New York Comicon in October.  The above images are facial tests I created for Arron that will help me keep him on model.  I’ll post works in progress as I go along.  

Till next time!

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