by | Mar 31, 2014

Greeting DieselFunkateers!   I’m back in NYC from the Narrative Conference at MIT.  It was an amazing experience being around like minded individuals and family.  

I enjoyed the process of creating the presentation “Visual Afrofuturism in MOTION” and having it be viewed by colleagues and academics. Working alongside Andre Peltier, of Eastern Michigan University, we both had to make well rounded arguments that would stand some level of scrutiny by a well informed and curious audience. Andre delivered an awesome presentation as well “Betty, Veronica, and Papa LaBas Walk into a Bar”.  I attended another lecture given by three scholars that discussed subjects as varied as Race in The Xmen to Lynn Johnston’s 30 year cartooning career.  Due to the fact that my presentation was heavily visual I learned that having the benefit of a format utilizing animation and sound greatly enhances understanding and communication.  For you techheads:  Keynote did alright:-)  This wouldn’t have gone through without the graciousness of Sue Kim, Conference Co-Coordinator, and Poet, Tracie Morris.  

Sometimes a creator can go in thinking one way and come out the other side with a completely alternate stance.  Beyond MIT, the experience of staying Boston with my Family (Cousins Kim and Richard, and Auntie Lucille Rawk, btw.) was inspirational.  The biggest experience was seeing my Aunt watch Matty’s Rocket Episode One: Assault of the Flying Saucers.  When its all said and done, Matty’s Rocket is for that generation born during the 1920’s-1940’s who didn’t see themselves represented in Speculative Fiction.  Lucille’s simple tapping her foot to the music was incredibly fulfilling.  She got it.  And that’s EVERYTHING.

I believe that Matty’s Rocket has the potential to break through to both an intellectual as well as a “Mass” audience.  But of course as always, the work remains to be done.  What a Wonderful Labor of Love.

Setting Course for the Next!!!

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