by | Jun 14, 2014

Greetings DieselFunkateers!  I’m on my way to theNY Comic Fest in White Plains, NY.  I’ll be doing animation and art workshops for Alex Simmons’ Kids Comicon while there.    Additionally, I’ll be selling Matty’s swag and screening at the display.  

A quick update on Alex’s BlackJack: Who Slew Goliath“ story I’m illustrating.  I just finished the massive cover..but can’t show it just yet:-( and now back on pages.  

Also to let you guys know I’m not dead creatively, I included an image done recently for a potential project I’m going to be working on.  A sort of redux of an old Superhero idea.  After years of old cars and fedoras I figure its time to switch it up with a little deering do!  You know, comics really do ROCK.

See you there!

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