by | Dec 17, 2014

GREETINGS DIESELFUNKATEERS!  It’s been a minute. I’m proud to announce the COMPLETION OF ART for Alexander Simmons’ Blackjack:  Goliath Must Die.   This is…the first “formal” (by formal I mean standard 3 tier layout) comic book I’ve done in 15 years.  This project was significantly more challenging to do in that 1.  I didn’t want to deliver on work that was beneath my personal standard of quality.  and 2.  It was important that I deliver something that wasn’t my brainchild.  

I’d like to personally thank Alex for giving the opportunity for an old dog to get back on the horse as well as apologize for giving him I’m sure countless sleepless nights of waiting.  But Brother Alex, it is now DONE.  

Now that I’ve handed the work off I can move on to the next task.  This Christmas season will see the initiation of a redesign of, the launch of our google play and apple appstore apps for Matty’s Rocket as well as future publications.  Advance notice!! We will be celebrating the publication of Matty’s Rocket during the MLK Weekend Bi-Coastal!  We have Friday January 17th on right coast at The Schomburg’s Black Comix Day.  Then a quick flight over to the left coast on January 18-19th for BCAF (Black Comix Arts Festival in San Francisco).  More details to be announced as to our activities during these events.  Just know that the tables have been purchased, the tickets have been booked, and the tshirts/posters have been set.  

Final bit of news…Matty’s Rocket #1 will be going out to the printer by the 26th for arrival in studio by early January.  Be ready to open your WALLETS IN 2015!!!:-)

On to Matty’s Rocket Issue Two.

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