GREETINGS DIESELFUNKATEERS!  The Power of Odin compels me to keep you guys abreast of events. Firstly, I’m not attending this year’s NYCC (Although next year count me down:-)  BlackJack is so close I’m getting a nose bleed.  Further, the Apple Developers License, Google Developers License, and App creation software are in house. Bighead Scientists’ first publications; “Matty’s Rocket” and “A Look Into The Cave” are on schedule for Fall 2014!

On the art tip, It’s been a while since I showed my New York Film Academy work.  This particular example was an in-class demo for my animation students as to how concepts, characters, and storyboards are created utilizing a mix of everything.  This can range from photos, painting, web images, etc.   But let me be honest, I needed a reason to do something that didn’t look like it comes from 1930!:-)

Back to the LAB!

Blast Off! Matty Postcard

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