by | Jul 21, 2013

Hey there Boys and Girls.  Never had a blog really before.  Well, at least one that functioned worth a damn.  I figure I’d start doing it consistently with this Tumblr thing.  Wordpress…AIN’T…easy:-)  

This blog will feature my personal, professional, and artistic thoughts.  Don’t worry about it being too pretentious as I’m not even close to as expansive as I should be.  But it will at least showcase my process, and let you guys know what I do.  This first image is an about image I created for Matty’s Rocket  I wanted to do something that evokes the early to-mid 20th century retro future.  For you techhead artistic types is essentially a photobash, 3d, 2d job utilizing photoshop and 3dsmax.  


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