Greetings Dieselfunkateers!  COMATICS!  The Juneteenth (June 19th 2017) Launch Date of HIGH JOHN CONQUEROR is fast coming upon us.  Like any product that enters the market, a user manual is a must to effective engagement with any product.  High John Conqueror is an experiment in Social Media Sequential content.  Although in its heart the story is inspired by comics, it functions differently due to the nature of social networks.


Take a Newspaper Strip (Cartoons that showcase short snippets of narrative on a daily or periodic basis with only a few frames). Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbs


Add in a bit of Storyboard (Sequential images that showcase every shot composition and camera angle from a film script)  Saul Bass boards for Hitchcock’s Psycho.


And mix it all in with an Animatics (Animated Storyboards with motion and/or sound)  Motion Boards for the AVENGERS.


Then you have what I call…

COMATICS:  Stories that bridge the legacy of traditional comics strips blended with film pacing and motion storytelling.


For High John readers and viewers should expect a snippet that moves a story forward incrementally.  We will endeavor to product a high quality product with strong visuals and compelling character development. Check out this example:


Back to it!

Blast Off! Matty Postcard

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